Comparing Our ProBLEN HGH Supplements With Others

HGH supplements compared

Below are questions and information from our old forums about other human growth hormone products and our own ProBLEN supplements, along with replies by myself and other forum members.

Lisa Wells, RN

Do the HGH Sprays Work?

Question: I have been doing a little research and not to say that your products don't work or anything, but I read a lot that hgh sprays are very ineffective and injections can have a lot of bad side affects. So I came to the conclusion that hgh in pill form would suit me best. and after looking at your website it seemed like the information I read made your products seem legit but in the picture all I see is a spray bottle. Do you guys carry only hgh sprays?

Answer: Whoever is telling you that homeopathic HGH sprays are ineffective is wrong. Those who sell the pill and powder products claim that sprays don't work because they want you to buy their HGH releaser dietary supplements that contain only amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and/or herbs.

Also, some doctors and clinics who prescribe and sell the injections are not going to tell you that you can take a much safer and much cheaper homeopathic spray that can be very effective, even if it is true.

Our products are very popular on the market and have been for over 20 years because they are effective. Of the very few products that have undergone randomized double-blind placebo-controlled IGF-1 clinical studies to prove effectiveness we hold the record. Our formula increased growth hormone in the body of test patients more than any other non-prescription product.

None of the amino acid releaser and secretagogue pill products have had any IGF-1 clinical studies that I am aware of to prove whether they are effective or not. If they mention clinical studies they are usually referring to studies done on individual amino acids that were administered by IV infusion, not orally. The studies were not done on their own product. Such products do not contain enough of the various amino acids they contain to do much good and also the pituitary gland tends to become resistant to large doses of amino acids in supplemental form within a few months.

Take a look at our website for a more detailed explanation about the amino acid releaser products.

HGH Pills - the Releasers, Precursors, Secretagogues.

The Different Types of HGH Therapy

If you want to see the results of our clinical studies, which were done independently at an anti-aging clinic:

ProBLEN IGF-1 clinical studies.

Has Anyone Tried Dr's Choice Maximum Result HGH?

Question: I tried one HGH product called Dr. Choice Maximum Result HGH. After I received the order I realized the ingredients (they made it difficult to find them anywhere on their site).

I read about them on different sites I found on the net. I couldn't see where any of them except one, which was pituitary extract, had anything to do with HGH.

It also had Korean Ginseng in it which makes me hyper and not sleep very well. I stopped taking it and then found your ProBLEN HGH Plus IGF-1 with Velvet Antler. I'm waiting for my order to arrive.

Have any of you tried the Dr. Choice Maximum Strength HGH and how does it compare to HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2?

Answer: I would like to welcome you as a new client. I am happy that you have decided to try our HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 product.

Some sites do not make it easy for the customers to find the actual ingredients in their product. I believe every customer has a right to know what they will be taking before they purchase a supplement. In your case, you did not know the ingredients of the Dr. Choice Maximum Result HGH product until you received it and read the ingredients on the bottle.

As you see, there are differences in the types of products being offered, some are made up of ingredients that people are already very familiar with, and may already be taking.

There is also a difference in the quality of products being offered.

Concerning the ginseng in the first product you tried, I have nothing against ginseng, in fact ginseng has been found to be useful in many situations, however, I don't agree with placing ginseng in products and then not providing a list of ingredients on the website where it can be easily found.

Some people such as yourself do not tolerate ginseng well, and some people may already be taking it.

Another point I would like to make is that I suspect ginseng is placed in some HGH supplements because it can increase energy, and an increase in energy is usually one of the major benefits of increased human growth hormone in the body.

If the product contains ginseng, then the customers may feel an increase in energy and may believe that their human growth hormone in increasing, when in fact, they are only feeling the benefits of ginseng. So this benefit of ginseng could mimic the increased energy benefit usually seen with successful growth hormone therapy.

We do not use ginseng in our HGH supplements so the benefits should be brought about by improved human growth hormone in the body.

We also try to make the ingredients as easy to find on our website as possible. The ingredients are listed on each individual product's page.

When you receive our product, hopefully the effects of Dr. Choice Maximum Result HGH will have already cleared out.

When our clients have been taking another HGH supplement, I recommend they have at least a week off before beginning our product, especially if the previous one caused side effects. The reason for this is because I want to make sure your body has time to adjust to our formula, so you only feel the effects of our product when you begin taking it, and it should not cause side effects.

In closing I would like to remind you that if during your therapy you have any questions please let me know.

Why Take Your ProBLEN Product Over Others?

Question: Lisa, I've checked out several other sites. Some have homeopathic HGH as well as the amino acid releasers. Do the amino acids in the Velvet Deer Antler also act as the releasers?

The top ranked products (one that you have not used in comparison) contain the homeopathic HGH as well as the releasers and other support ingredients ( Alpha GPC, GABA, Glycine, L-Arginine, L-Dopa Bean Extract, L-Glutamine, L-Isoleucine, L-Tyrosine, L-Valine, L-Lysine, Moomiyo Extract, Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate) used in body building for years. (Incidentally, I have ordered your's first, two weeks, no appreciable change.)

However, I don't see the IGF-1 or IGF-2 as one of their ingredients, but they do show a 97% success rating compared to the 85% success rating of ProBLEN.

They have a 90 day guarantee which will allow more time to show results. I'd like to give your product a longer trial, but 30 days seems short, compared with a consensus of four to six months before appreciable changes are noted. 90 days could possible show some improvements. Convince me not to change.

Answer: Thank you for trying our product. First, I would like to say that I know which product you are talking about. The reason we do not list that product's IGF-1 clinical study results among the clinical results we listed of other products is because their product hasn't had any randomized double-blind placebo-controlled IGF-1 clinical studies, so there are no results to list.

I would also like to direct you to our web page that explains that the so-called HGH product ratings found on various websites that list the "top 10 HGH supplements" are nothing but scams.

On this page I explain that there is no such thing as legitimate and independent HGH product ratings or comparisons, and the only way to prove if a product is effective to a specified number of people is by doing legitimate randomized double-blind placebo-controlled IGF-1 clinical studies. Sellers make sites that appear to be like an HGH Consumer Reports and they use fake product ratings and claims when the product they sell does not have any legitimate clinical study results proving effectiveness to show.

Regarding their so-called 90 day guarantee; they only take back unopened bottles for a refund during the 90 day period. I have provided information about the 90 day guarantee scams that some sites use to get sales. HGH Products and 90 Day Guarantee Scams

At their site, after you click the button to place an order for their product you better read their 90 day guarantee policy on that next particular page closely, because the wording is different than on all their other pages.

Instead of saying "just return the bottles for a refund", it says "just return the unused bottles for a refund".

So they don't give you longer to try their product than we do with our standard guarantee. In fact, they don't give you any time to try their product at all. As soon as you open a bottle you cannot return it.

We do offer a "Full 90 Day Challenge" guarantee where if you check your IGF-1 blood level within two weeks of starting our product and you repeat your IGF-1 level within two weeks of finishing the 90 day supply we will refund 100% of your purchase price for those three empty bottles if your IGF-1 level didn't improve.

Concerning your question about their supplement combining amino acids with homeopathic human growth hormone, their product does not contain any HGH. They want you to believe it contains homeopathic HGH; they even claim it does on their home page, but if you read their page that gives the product's actual ingredients you will see that human growth hormone is not listed, and when you receive their product you will see that it does not contain HGH, but only contains homeopathic amounts of amino acids.

Regarding amino acids, we did not add amino acids to our Plus formula; the amino acids in our product come from the velvet deer antler it contains.

I am not against amino acids, and in fact some of our clients have been taking doses of those same amino acids for years as part of their bodybuilding or health regimens, long before there were any HGH supplements.

In fact, I also take doses of amino acids because they are contained in the protein powders I take. So it is fine to take amino acids, but spray products that are made up of homeopathic amounts of amino acids, such as their product, would not be as good as a homeopathic spray that contains human growth hormone.

Of course because their product doesn't contain any real HGH they can sell it cheaper.

Since you said that you have not yet noticed many benefits in the first two weeks may I say that I wouldn't expect many benefits in the first two weeks even when taking the injections. Even so, I would like to refer you to our dosage instructions, just in case you haven't read those pages:

Recommended Dosages For ProBLEN HGH Supplements

I would also like to say that I have had clients tell me that they did not notice many changes in the first month because the benefits did not come about all at once, but the improvements happened more slowly, and so the benefits were not noticed.

Several times over the years I have had clients return the bottle for a refund after taking the product for one month, and then call back later and re-order, because once they had stopped taking our product the benefits became apparent, or they were able to tell that it had been working.

Also, it depends on how much growth hormone the person has before beginning the product. If their IGF-1 level is low when they begin taking the product it may take 30 days or longer for their level to improve to the point where the body has enough to use to bring about benefits.

Of course I cannot say that this is what is happening with you, I can only tell you of the experiences we have had with other clients in the first 30 days. Since every person is different, it may take longer for some to see benefits than it takes for others. Each person will respond in their own way, however, you still have two more weeks, and during those two weeks your benefits may become apparent.

I do know that if a client has a health condition, for instance, if their cholesterol is high, or if their immune system is stressed, the body will concentrate on these areas first, and this may cause the usual anti-aging benefits not to be seen in the first 30 days.

On our page about possible homeopathic HGH side effects I discuss this.

If you are taking our product as directed, and if you are not on a low calorie diet then I feel the benefits will become apparent soon.

I don't believe the other product will work as well as ours. However, if you do decide to try it please wait for a few weeks before beginning, so our product will be cleared out of your system. If you begin their product immediately you may be seeing the results brought about by our product but be thinking that theirs is the one giving you the benefits.

I do wish for our clients to receive the best benefits possible, so I am not afraid for them to try other supplements. Over the years I have had clients who were impressed by the claims made on other websites, but after they tried those supplements they came back to us. Check out our testimonial pages for examples.

I do hope you will take ours as directed for the full 30 days, so it has a fair chance of working, and if you still wish to try the other just let us know, we do honor our guarantees.

Follow-up question: You make a good defense. I was skeptical of the websites. As a nurse, I understand the validity of the double blind study, and I appreciate your product being in such a trial.

I understand that it takes time for changes to occur, that's why the other products 90 day trial was appealing. Of course, even 90 days probably is not a long enough period.

Since your's did have a controlled study, I'll stick with your product, especially given your vast website and explanations.

I doubt your competitors would defend their product as diligently as you. More than likely, just write me off.

I'll stay the course and just hope that I am one that will see a high level of benefit.

Sytropin Does Not Contain HGH!

Question: Dear Lisa,

You had mentioned that Sytropin did not have any HGH in their product, I thought about that when talking to you because they were the ones that mentioned the 2%. I thought I better send you this exact quote so you could explain in case I misunderstood what they were it is:

"Sytropin contains not only true homeopathic HGH, but also combines the six most potent Growth Factors, and 8 proven amino acid releasers all into one oral spray. Sytropin contains less than 2% by volume of homeopathic HGH. The HGH included in Sytropin is a homeopathic dose, so it is quite small. The basis of homeopathy is that providing a tiny amount to produce a similar reaction. FDA guidelines do not allow more than just a tiny amount of HGH. Sytropin has such a minute amount that it doesn't count as an ingredient (less than 2% by volume), but HGH is more than implied by the name HGH Spray. The main benefit comes from the amino acids and growth factors. Combined with the homeopathic dose of HGH."

Answer: Yes, I am aware of those statements they have made on their home page. However, if you find the page on their website that lists the actual ingredients that are listed on their bottle you will see what I said is true.

The Sytropin HGH product contains only these ingredients:

Alpha GPC
L-Dopa Bean Extract
Moomiyo Extract
Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate

On their site they state:

"Sytropin combines HGH components with L-group amino acids and Growth Factors to provide the highest quality HGH supplement available without a prescription. It is manufactured under stringent quality control standards with the highest quality natural ingredients available."

There is no such thing as HGH components. The product either contains human growth hormone or it doesn't. I think they must be speaking about the amino acids in their product, which is all their product contains, except for the Alpha GPC, bean extract, and Moomiyo.

Human growth hormone is made up of 191 amino acids but that doesn't mean you can add amino acids to a product and then mislead customers into thinking your product contains actual growth hormone by claiming it contains components of HGH.

Also, their product does not contain any growth factors, which is another statement that is not true.

Their explanation about why their bottle does not state human growth hormone as an ingredient on the label is absolutely not true. Any amount of human growth hormone (or growth factors) that is used to make a homeopathic formula must be stated on the bottle. Their bottle doesn't have HGH or growth factors as ingredients on the label because it doesn't contain those ingredients!

By the way, their product is not a true homeopathic product either. Homeopathic products must state all ingredients on the label along with the amount of each ingredient in potencies.

Our HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 product does contain human growth hormone and our bottle states "Human Growth Hormone" as an ingredient on the label and we give the proper potency of the ingredients.

The truth is, the Sytropin product is only a dietary supplement and that is why it doesn't contain any growth hormone.

Our HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 product is a true homeopathic product, it is considered an over-the-counter medicine by the FDA and so it is FDA registered with an NDC number.

Problems With GHR1000

Question: I have been reading up on HGH for some time and found a site called HGHLOOK. The site talks about the research the owner did on HGH and the two best products he found. I was impressed and purchased GHR1000. Product delivery was extremely slow, weeks. Product arrived and I have been taking it for three weeks now. No results, in fact everything they said it would do it seems to be doing the opposite. I contacted the company and this guys website for help or advice but no response.

I found out that if you purchase a product through this guys link he gets a commission. I think the site is a scam. BEWARE don't believe what he said. The company seems to sell high priced HGH that doesn't work. The two products he mentioned on his site are GHR1000 and GEN F20. Stay away.

Answer: Thank you for your post. It is sad that neither the GHR1000 company nor the seller has responded to your inquiries. They claim to offer a 75 day money back guarantee so if you don't hear back from them I recommend you contact your credit card company and dispute their charge.

Unfortunately, there are many websites such as the one you mentioned. In fact, I wrote a long article several years ago warning those looking for HGH supplements about such sites and their so-called product ratings.

I wish you had read my article before you made your purchase, then at least you would have had a better understanding of what those sites are and what their one goal is.

If you would like to read the article:

Sites That List the Best HGH Supplements

I must admit this is not the first time I have had people tell me that they were not pleased with the results they saw with GHR1000 and Gen F20. With no real clinical studies to measure effectiveness these two products would definitely not be in my list of best products.

I hope this negative experience has not turned you against all HGH supplements because there are good products available.

Although neither of those websites tell you the actual ingredients, which should be a red flag to potential buyers, since they are absorbed in the stomach they are most certainly amino acid combinations.

If you do not understand about the different types of products available please see the link below. It explains the difference in the growth hormone pill products, the sprays, and the injections.

The Types of HGH Products Available

If you have any questions please post your question and I will get back to you within 12 hours (on business days). We are closed on the weekend but I will respond as soon as we open again.

Follow-up question: Thanks for the info Lisa. I wish I would have seen your article first as well. I contacted GHR1000 twice more with no response. I returned the product today. Do you have any suggestions on a quality HGH product?

Follow-up answer: Hopefully they will issue you a refund. I hope you used a delivery confirmation or tracking number so you can prove they received your return.

Regarding suggestions on a quality product, of course I recommend the same product I take and recommend to my clients, it is our ProBLEN HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 spray.

I have been working in the HGH field since 1999. When choosing an HGH formula for myself and for my business the first thing I look for are double-blind placebo IGF-1 clinical studies that measure the actual increase of IGF-1 in the body while taking the formula.

There are now many HGH formulas available to take to market, with new ones being offered frequently, the thing is, the vast majority of them have had no clinical studies to measure their effectiveness.

The HGH formula used in our two supplements showed the highest increase of IGF-1 levels in test subjects of any non-prescription product tested.

We have two products, our original HGH spray, and our HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 spray. If interested in learning more please see the links.

You will also find links to many other pages of information about HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 from the link above.

If you decide to give one of our products a try please be sure to read our pages about expected benefits and also possible homeopathic HGH side effects.

You will also find information about dosages and recommendations to help ensure you receive the most benefits possible.

Our site is very large with many articles I have written about human growth hormone, how it works, how it may affect health conditions, etc., if you cannot find certain information about HGH or our products you may wish to refer to our FAQ pages or our sitemap.

In closing I would like to say that if you do decide to place an order at HGH-Pro you won't have to worry about us responding to your inquiries. In fact, you may call or e-mail me when you have questions about your therapy with our products.

If you read our testimonials you will see many examples of clients conversing with me. I enjoy speaking with clients and I especially enjoy hearing them tell me how much better they are doing, whether they are referring to their anti-aging therapy, their bodybuilding or athletics, or to a health condition they are seeing improvements with.

Follow-up question: I have taken the time to go over your information. Interesting as it sounds this is still your site and your product, a product you make profit on.

I'm confused on who and what to believe. I think I'm not going to go the HGH route. There seems to be to many scammers and to little evidence that I can rely on. Everyone has a story, who knows if it's fact or fiction. I wish there was a way I could get to the truth. For now I'll keep exercising and keep looking.

Follow-up answer: You are correct, and with the experience you had with the GHR1000 product I certainly understand you being suspicious of anyone involved with HGH products.

Unfortunately, it will be hard to find information online from people who are not in the business or not making profit, since websites cost money and paying to have those websites listed in the search engines where people can find them is now very expensive.

But really, isn't that the case for anything we purchase. The information we receive about items comes from the people who make or sell those items. Consumer Reports magazine is suppose to be unbiased, but they make profit by selling their magazine.

I guess it is up to the person interested in the item to evaluate the information available and also evaluate the ones offering the item and then make as much of an educated decision as is possible.

I am sorry that your first experience with an HGH supplement was not positive and so may cause you to always have a negative opinion. I believe that appropriate growth hormone therapy with safe and effective supplements can really be a wonderful thing for those who are experiencing the effects of aging.

Regardless of whether you ever try our product or not I recommend that before giving up on HGH you might wish to read some of the many books that are available.

There are numerous clinical studies showing the effectiveness of restoring human growth hormone to a more youthful and healthy level.

I don't know your age; perhaps you don't really need to take an HGH supplement at this time, and I would never try to talk anyone into taking HGH if they didn't need it. I just hope that if there ever comes a time when you are feeling the effects of aging even though you are taking your usual regimen of supplements and exercise you will keep the option of taking a product to help restore your own human growth hormone to a more healthy level open.

Take care and I wish you the very best.

Follow-up question: I'm 59 in great health aside from a little arthritis and exercise four to five times weekly, run marathons, training for a tri. I think I fit the HGH profile. Any book suggestions?

Follow-up answer: I will be happy to recommend some books. The first book I recommend is the so-called bible of HGH. It is called Grow Young With HGH, written by Dr. Ronald Klatz, president of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. It is years old now but it contains great information about the studies that have been done.

I also recommend his book called "The Official Anti-Aging Revolution". Besides giving information about HGH it gives information about how we can increase our own growth hormone by taking non-injection products and exercise. It also gives information about the other important hormones in the body that decrease with age and the roles they play, as well as the different theories of aging.

There are numerous books out there but these are the top two I recommend to those just beginning to research HGH.

There is also a book about homeopathic HGH, which is the type of products we offer. That book is called "Feeling Younger With Homeopathic HGH". It is written by Dr. Howard Davis.

More About GHR1000

Forum member post: GHR1000 is a big scam. They owe me more than $6000. They never paid me for advertising and sales I made them from my sites. There are many other good HGH programs. Stay away from GHR.

Another forum member replies: Luckily I found this, I'm doing some research on which hgh product I should get. This is helping me out a ton.

Difference in ProBLEN HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 and 21st Century HGH

Question: I'm strongly considering purchasing a homeopathic HGH spray. I've narrowed my selection down to your advanced formula and 21st Century HGH's advanced formula. Can you spread some light about the difference in the two products, such as the ingredients? I'm curious to know what makes your product different from theirs, as well as if you know if they are a legitimate vendor of homeopathic HGH.

Their advanced formula contains the following:

Active Ingredients:

IGF-1 made from Deer Antler 6X, Human Growth Hormone 30X, Pituitarum 30X, Liver Extract 3X.

Inactive Ingredients:

Purified Water USP, Alcohol 20% v/v.

Answer: Hello. You asked for the difference in our HGH Plus product and the 21st century product.

Here are the ingredients in our HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 product:

Human Growth Hormone (Somatropin): 30X, 12X
IGF-1 (Somatomedin C): 12X
IGF-2 (Somatomedin A): 12X
Deer Antler Velvet: 6X
Alpha GPC: 8X
Pituitarum: 5C, 7C, 9C
Hepar Suis (Liver Extract): 6X

Purified water 80%, Organic alcohol 20% v/v.

Regarding the differences, our product contains two separate potencies of human growth hormone to their one, and contains 3 separate potencies of pituitary extract to their one. Our product also contains recombinant IGF-1 and IGF-2 and velvet deer antler, theirs only contains IGF-1 from deer antler.

Concerning whether 21st Century is a legitimate vendor of products, I do not know them personally but I have never heard anything negative about them. Their website has been online 2 years less than ours, but they have still been around for a long time. I believe them to be legitimate and have a good product.

I hope this helps you to make your decision.

Doctor Wants Me to Take a HGH Strip, Need Advice!

Question: Hello I visited my doctor today and he says that I need to take an HGH product to help me in weight loss.

He has one that is a strip that goes in your mouth between your lip, kinda like where you would put in a load of skoal. The cost of this would be like 20 a month not covered by medical insurance. Please help, is this stuff any good and are there dangers?

Answer: We know that restoring human growth hormone to a younger, healthier level is very good for building lean muscle and decreasing fat. It also helps to improve the body's metabolism that slows with age.

You did not give the name of the product or the ingredients so I cannot know for sure what he is selling, but it is probably some type of releaser, precursor, secretagogue, and since the route of administration is sublingual it may be a homeopathic product.

If I knew what was in it I would be able to speak more about effectiveness, but without that information I can only say that some products are effective, and others not so much.

You might want to look at the ingredients in our best HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 product to get an idea of what a top quality product contains.

The Ingredients in HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2

ProBLEN HGH Supplements

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