Taking HGH with Health Conditions

By Lisa Wells, RN

Taking HGH with health conditions

Below I have included information about taking our HGH supplements if you have certain health conditions, as well as information about any possible side effects. I've also added questions that we've been ask about how growth hormone may affect and/or help various health conditions and injuries and my responses.

HGH and Hypothyroidism

Over the years I have had clients report improvements with their hypothyroidism while taking our products. If you have hypothyroidism you should first consult your private doctor.

Improving human growth hormone in the body has been shown to help improve the functioning of the thyroid gland. However, in my opinion you will receive better benefits if your thyroid gland is already being supported by proper hormone replacement or nutrition.

Taking a homeopathic form of growth hormone should not put added stress on the hypoactive thyroid gland. However, HGH injection therapy may possibly aggravate hypothyroidism if the patient is not being properly treated for their thyroid issues. It is my opinion that HGH injections should not be prescribed to a patient whose thyroid gland is in distress.

If you have hypothyroidism you should have your thyroid levels checked before taking any HGH product and also during the time you are taking it due to the fact that if your thyroid function does improve you may not need as much of your medication. Keep your doctor informed so he/she can adjust your thyroid medication if needed as your thyroid function improves.

When using our homeopathic products the improvement is usually steady and does not cause problems, however, you should still watch for symptoms of hyperthyroidism that could possibly be brought about because you may no longer need as much thyroid medication. If any symptoms are noticed your private doctor should be contacted right away.

Please click below to read what happened with one of our clients who was being properly treated for hypothyroidism by her doctor and she started taking our HGH product.

HGH and the Thyroid Gland

HGH and Diabetes

In some clinical studies IGF-1 has been shown to improve certain diabetic conditions. If you are diabetic you should consult your private doctor about possibly taking our homeopathic product or any HGH therapy. While taking the product you should monitor your blood sugar for any changes. For instance, if the product decreases your insulin resistance or improves the functioning of your pancreas there is a chance your blood glucose might become lower than normal.

If you check your blood sugar level and find it low please follow your doctor's standing instructions regarding hypoglycemic episodes, such as immediately ingest foods high in sugar, and contact your doctor right away. If the HGH improves your diabetic condition your doctor may need to make changes to your diabetic medication.

How HGH and IGF-1 May Affect Diabetes

HGH and Hypertension

Improving human growth hormone in the body has been shown to strengthen the cardiovascular system and help stabilize the blood pressure. If you have hypertension you should consult your private doctor about taking our products. When you first begin taking any HGH therapy you should monitor your blood pressure.

Although we have had no cases of this happening, it is possible that if our product does help to lower your blood pressure and you are still taking the same dose of BP medication there is a chance that over time your blood pressure could possibly become lower than normal.

If you notice yourself feeling faint, weak or dizzy, or if you become dizzy when you stand up, you should contact your doctor. If the HGH helps to stabilize your blood pressure your doctor may need to make changes to your BP medication dose.

Taking HGH When You Have High Blood Pressure

Please note, regardless of health conditions it is always recommended that everyone considering any type of HGH therapy consult their own private healthcare provider and follow his/her instructions.


Q and A About HGH and Health Conditions

Can HGH help arthritis, osteoporosis, and back problems?

Question: My Mom is 86 years old. She has really been having a lot of back problems with arthritis and osteoporosis. She has lost 5 inches from her skull to her tail-bone from collapsing vertebra. Of course I realize there is no reversing this process but would the HGH help her. She is on a lot of prescription drugs for high blood pressure, heart medication, coumadin, and the list goes on and on. Would your product be safe for her and is it worth it at this point, would it really make a difference?

Answer: I cannot guarantee that human growth hormone will help your mother, however, it has helped myself and also many of our clients who have musculoskeletal problems. I had sustained herniated discs in my lumbar spine in 1997. Even thought my surgeon told me years ago that the herniations and the degenerations around the discs would continue to worsen to the point where I would eventually require surgery, I have not had to have that surgery.

You mentioned that your mother takes medications, including medication for her hypertension. Growth hormone has been known to strengthen the cardiovascular system and help to stabilize blood pressure, so if she takes any HGH therapy she should monitor her blood pressure and keep a daily record, so if her blood pressure begins drifting lower she can show her doctor her readings and he/she may be able to decrease her blood pressure medication. This has happened with clients of ours.

With whichever product she decides to try she should show her doctor the ingredients of that product and follow his/her recommendations regarding HGH therapy. Homeopathic HGH supplements are considered safe and do not usually interfere with medications but I must recommend she show the ingredients to her doctor, to make sure.

You asked me if I thought HGH therapy for your mother would be worth it, I definitely believe it would be worth it. Human growth hormone is the body's repair and rejuvenation hormone, and unfortunately, the older we become, the less HGH the body has to work with, unless we intervene.

Can HGH help to heal my back problems?

Question: Playing football for eight years and working as a firefighter for 15 has left me with a bad back. Will HGH help me heal, and get my back to where it used to be? Also if I chose to do synthetic HGH injections, will a six or seven week cycle have any negative lasting effects? Obviously injecting synthetic HGH is more effective than your spray, however is your spray a decent alternative?

Answer: Our products are a very good and safe alternative to the injections, I sustained a neck and back injury on the job years ago and homeopathic HGH helped me tremendously. In fact, that's how I got into this business. Here is the link to my story if interested: How Homeopathic HGH Helped Me.

I have never needed to take the injections and it has now been about 25 years since my injuries. I take our HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2.

Regarding the injections, of course I cannot know for sure how your body would respond. However, if you were to be prescribed the injections by a qualified physician and you took a safe dose over a few weeks I wouldn't think it would cause any lasting negative effects.

Can HGH help the heart?

Question: I know you will refer me to my Dr but I would like to know if HGH can improve heart health. I am 62 years old male and am active and in good health except for having had a heart attack last month. Will your formula interfere with my heart meds...Plavix, Altace, a beta blocker, Lipitor and aspirin? I intend to consult my Dr and pharmacist.

Answer: In clinical studies it has been found that improving human growth hormone in those deficient has improved heart health. The test subjects saw a decrease in body fat and an increase in lean muscle, especially the deep abdominal fat. They also saw their cholesterol and blood pressure stabilize. These are all risk factors for heart disease that improving their HGH level addressed.

How HGH May Affect High Blood Pressure

Also, the heart is a muscle and having a healthy amount of growth hormone helps to improve and maintain healthy, strong muscles.

We know that having too little HGH is not good for the heart, but I must also say that having too much HGH is not good for the heart either, so if your doctor approves you using an HGH therapy he will likely monitor your IGF-1 level. In anti-aging medicine we measure the IGF-1 level to check the status of growth hormone in the body.

Concerning our human growth hormone products, they are considered safe OTC homeopathic medicines by the FDA. They should not interfere with your medications but as you stated, you should consult your doctor and show him/her the ingredients before taking.

Is HGH safe and helpful for paraplegics?

Question: Hello, I'm a 24 year old paraplegic. I became paraplegic at age 18. I've been under treatment for three years and now no medication. Due to lack of mobility I've gained weight. I was an athlete and used to be 63 kg, 5'11" height. Now I'll be around 110 kg. I'm sick of seeing myself in this position. Though I can't do anything about my spinal cord injury, I can walk with crutches and do all upper body exercise by sitting. I'm planning to get a home gym and start doing workout. I'm also planning to get a swimming pool.

I can walk with crutches as I use my hip and move my legs. I can walk 200 meters every day. And I'll swim for 30-45 mins a day and do home gym and weight lifting with bars and dumbbells and also bench press.

My best friend is a fitness trainer and has six years experience. He will guide me, and has a little bit of knowledge about HGH. He said he will try to contact a professional regarding this. So far we couldn't find one. There are bodybuilders he knows who took HGH, some said it's good and a few said it's risky for me and my heart as I'm paraplegic. I researched about HGH and saw no heart attack signs by using hgh.

I would appreciate if you guys would guide me regarding dosage UI/day and is it safe to take HGH as I'm paraplegic. I want a good physique.

Answer: Optimizing your HGH and growth factors may very well help you, however, as a registered nurse I must recommend you work with a good doctor if you are considering taking the HGH injections. I won't go into all the risk factors and side effects that may occur because you have probably already read about them in other places and here also. I will just say that the only safe way to take human growth hormone injections at your age is to follow the advice of a doctor who specializes in HGH therapy.

The doctor should closely monitor your serum IGF-1 level to make sure you don't get too much. This is very important because you are so young that you probably already have a good amount of growth hormone. Those who take the HGH injections when they already have enough endogenous growth hormone can cause damage to themselves. Young people taking the injections is sort of like walking a tightrope because the aim should be to take just enough to provide healing but not enough to cause serious side effects or shut down the body's own production of growth hormone.

In my opinion homeopathic HGH would be a safer option for you. Our own sprays have been providing great benefits for over 20 years and because the growth hormone is in homeopathic form, it won't cause you to get too much HGH or shut down your pituitary gland's own release of growth hormone.

Can your HGH Product be taken after pituitary surgery?

Question: My 23 year old daughter was diagnosed with Cushing's disease last year. She had pituitary surgery in January 08 that has dramatically improved her condition. She has lost all her upper body fat and the fullness in her face.

Her endocrinologist says all her blood levels are good, but that her HGH is a little low, and has prescribed HGH injections to correct this. I asked her endo if there was anything we could do naturally to improve the HGH level...her reply was "not anything that we know of"....

Would your product possibly be effective in the recovery of Cushing's disease, and helping her pituitary gland recover from the stresses of the surgery?

Answer: I understand that many doctors are either not aware of homeopathic HGH sprays, or else they have heard of them but they are not trained in homeopathy and so they believe homeopathic products must not be effective. As a registered nurse I used to have the same negative opinion of homeopathy so I understand where they are coming from.

It is true that only the injections are a hormone replacement therapy that can give your daughter all the growth hormone she needs and can raise her level without the pituitary gland's help. However, when she stops the injections her level may become low again. I think it is better to focus on improving the pituitary gland's health and functioning so it releases a more healthy amount of its own growth hormone.

This is what homeopathic growth hormone products aim to do, and over these past years I have heard many positive reports from clients. We have had so many clients report increases in their HGH release while taking our product as evidenced by their improved IGF-1 levels, and we have also had reports of improvements in other hormone levels.

Regarding the pituitary gland, besides the homeopathic growth hormone, IGF-1, and velvet deer antler in our HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 product, it also contains pituitary extract. This glandular ingredient is used in the product to promote a healthy functioning pituitary gland, and liver extract is also used because it is the liver which must convert the HGH into important growth factors such as IGF-1 & IGF-2.

You may wish to refer your physician to our site so she can read more about our product, and if either of you have questions I would be happy to converse with you by e-mail or phone. Of course I do recommend you follow what your daughter's doctor feels is her best course of treatment.

Can someone take your HGH Supplements if they have brain lesions?

Question: My father has multiple lesions on his brain. His condition has progressed fast over the last few months-year. He had an MRI and we saw all the lesions. I then found out about the ProBLEN products and started treating him with HGH PLUS... We went to get another MRI two weeks after starting treatment and his condition has not improved, but it did not get worse. The lesions have not grown or spread. We have not yet had a biopsy, so whether it is a malignant tumor or not hasn't been diagnosed. I hope to get some opinions here.

Answer: Regarding human growth hormone and cancer, I know your father has not been diagnosed with cancer and hopefully the lesions are not malignant, however, I feel I must give you this information.

Ever since HGH was found to reverse and delay the effects of aging there have been those who say that if HGH can increase the growth of new healthy cells in the aging body then it may also increase the growth of unhealthy cells.

There have been conflicting clinical study results concerning increased IGF-1 levels and the increased risk of cancer. IGF-1 is the main growth factor that the liver converts HGH into, and it is this growth factor that gives us most of the benefits associated with HGH.

Two clinical study results seemed to show that men with naturally high IGF-1 levels have a higher risk for prostate cancer, but if this is true then shouldn't the risk for prostate cancer in men decrease with age, rather than increase as it does? The IGF-1 levels naturally decrease with age, while the risk for cancer increases with age. There were five other clinical studies that found no association with high IGF-1 levels and prostate cancer.

I have seen no clinical studies that show restoring one's own human growth hormone to a younger and more healthy level using homeopathic HGH sprays such as ours increases the risk for cancer.

The good thing about homeopathy is the fact that it helps the body to bring itself into balance. Homeopathic human growth hormone should only help the body to attain an IGF-1 level that is best for optimal health. I have never heard of a homeopathic product increasing the IGF-1 level above what is healthy.

In contrast, if one took too much of the HGH injections their IGF-1 level could increase above what is healthy and safe, and then perhaps the risk for increased growth of aberrant cells could occur. This is one reason why I take and support homeopathic HGH therapy and believe the injections should only be used as a last choice.

What I believe it boils down to is the fact that taking HGH injections is taking HRT (hormone replacement therapy) with a synthetic hormone, and other synthetic hormone replacement therapies have been shown to increase the risk of cancer in some studies.

Those who take HGH injections when they are not needed are replacing the real HGH normally made by their body with an artificial form, and I don't believe this is a smart thing for them to do.

Now, for the good side of HGH and cancer. We in anti-aging medicine believe that the growth hormone made by the body actually helps to increase our cancer fighting cells. We know that when we are young our HGH is naturally at its highest level, and during that time our risk for cancer is at its lowest level, and as we age our HGH decreases and our risk for cancer increases.

I wrote an article about HGH and cancer, if interested please click the link.

Concerning HGH and the brain, I also wrote an article about how HGH may help the neurological system.

In closing I must stress the importance of consulting your father's private doctor about him taking our product if you haven't done so already. Please be sure the doctor understands that our product is homeopathic and so is the safest type of HGH therapy. I wish your dad the best and if he takes our product I hope it is very helpful for him.

Follow-up question: Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I will look into the articles you recommended. I appreciate your help and support. Is there anything in particular that I should tell the Neurologist when we see him on Monday?

Follow-up answer: I hate to say it, but you may need to recommend the doctor read the articles also. If he is an old school Neurologist he may think that human growth hormone is only beneficial to children with a deficiency and he may not give a thought to what you say.

There are medical professionals on either of the two sides when it comes to HGH.

Some medical doctors seem to prefer waiting for patients to get an age-related disease and then they treat the disease's symptoms with drugs like you see advertised on TV.

Anti-aging, functional, and alternative medical professionals believe it is better to keep the body's hormones at a healthy level and ensure the body has the nutrients it needs to prevent or delay the diseases related to aging.

We are on the side of prevention first, and if a person already has a health condition we believe it is good to restore the body's hormones to a more healthy level so the body can better defend and help heal itself. Hopefully your dad's doctor is in the know about human growth hormone therapy in adults.

You might recommend he check your dad's IGF-1 level. This test is used to measure the amount of HGH in the body.

Please keep in mind that his doctor may tell you that the test is normal, but that means it is considered "normal for age". We in anti-aging medicine believe it is better to have an IGF-1 level that is optimal for bodily function. This usually means that the IGF-1 level should be between the middle to high end of normal.

Lastly, if you tell his doctor that our product is homeopathic it will depend on what he knows about homeopathic medicine; whether he has studied and learned about it, or whether he just thinks it is a waste of time because it is a different type of medicine than what he was trained in.

Can I take HGH if I'm allergic to sulfa drugs?

Question: If I am allergic to sulfa can I take the HGH Plus product?

Answer: The fact that you are allergic to sulfa should not cause any problems with you taking our HGH supplements. I do, however, always recommend everyone consult their private healthcare provider about taking any health products. If you are interested in taking one of our products please be sure to tell your doctor that it is homeopathic. The ingredients are listed on the product page. This information should be taken to your doctor.

Can I take HGH with Zoloft and HRT?

Question: Several health issues and medications are of concern before proceeding to try an HGH enhancer/precursor.

First of all, I have been on HRT (estrogen) since my total hysterectomy 4 years ago. I feel great on them, but if I forget to take it, the hot flashes, anxiety, foggy concentration and nausea come. I am also on the lowest dose of Zoloft and this works fabulous for my anxiety. Not to mention some low Thyroid and low adrenal symptoms too, of which are being treated naturally.

What effect would HGH have on my condition, one who is on HRT and an anti-depressant? I'm still trying to "fine-tone" my total well being. I am 49, work out five days a week, exercising and eating a very healthy low carb, moderate protein diet of mostly veggies, fresh fruits and lean meats, yet I have only lost 10 pounds the past year. Need to lose about 20 more to get to my ideal weight.

I'm also so tired after I exercise and find it more difficult to complete house chores too. This is why I'd like to try HGH.

In personal research on HGH effects, I found mention of its insulin-growth factor. What does this mean? Does it have an effect on insulin and glucose levels? What effect would it have on one who is hypoglycemic or diabetic? I'd sure appreciate any info. regarding these questions of great concern.

Answer: HGH therapy may have a positive effect on glands and other hormones. We have had clients with hypothyroidism report improvements.

Improving HGH may have a positive effect on the gonad hormones. Because you have had a total hysterectomy you no longer have your ovaries, which are the main source of the female hormones, so in your case most of these hormones will have to be made by your adrenal glands. HGH may help with some of the symptoms seen with menopause or low gonad hormones but it wouldn't be able to raise those hormones to an optimal level. My recommendation would be to continue with your female HRT (if your doctor agrees) or discuss with your doctor other options, such as our homeopathic EstroPro product, if you do not want to continue with your current prescription HRT. The female hormones are very important to the health and well being of women, no matter their age, so you should want to keep them as optimal as you can.

Regarding Zoloft, homeopathic HGH should not interfere with or cause you any problems while taking it. I would like to mention that we have had clients who have seen improvements in their depression and anxiety and so their doctor's were able to wean them off their meds at their requests. Human growth hormone is the body's repair and maintenance hormone and so its effects can be seen throughout the body and this includes the nervous system.

HGH may act like an antidepressant in the brain because it raises the level of the neurotransmitter B-endorphin, which is the brain's opiate that gives us good feelings and the feelings of well-being.

You asked about insulin-like growth factor-1. IGF-1 is the primary growth factor of HGH. Once released into the bloodstream by the pituitary gland HGH remains in the bloodstream only briefly, just long enough for its uptake into the liver. The liver converts the HGH into growth factors, including IGF-1. It is actually IGF-1 that gives us the majority of benefits associated with HGH.

HGH and IGF-1 do have an influence on insulin. They have been found in studies to improve glucose metabolism and decrease insulin resistance. Although some early studies using large doses of synthetic HGH injections showed that HGH initially caused some increased insulin resistance, later studies have shown that after six months of therapy insulin sensitivity returned to baseline, and glucose metabolism has been shown to improve.

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe believes that HGH helps to promote the action of insulin. He believes that because HGH helps to direct the insulin to put glucose into the muscular cells, cardiac cells, and nerve cells, rather than the fat cells of the body, HGH may actually help to improve diabetes.

The experiments of Dr. Greg Fahy have shown human growth hormone to be beneficial for diabetes. He has stated that he may have discovered a method of curing adult-onset Type II diabetes using HGH. It is believed that a main reason why HGH has a positive effect on insulin resistance is due to the ability of HGH to reduce central belly fat.

Here is an article I wrote about HGH and Diabetes. The article speaks about HGH and IGF-1 and their effect on diabetes.

We have had diabetic clients report improvements while taking our homeopathic HGH supplements. That being said, diabetics taking any type of HGH therapy should monitor their glucose levels and notify their doctor of any changes. If one takes HGH while taking insulin or a diabetic medication it may be that their need for medication may change, and so the patient's doctor would need to adjust the medication dose.

I have very low HGH and testosterone levels

Question: Well let me start by explaining my situation, I have always felt something was wrong with me since I was about 13 years old, never really had that drive, motivation or power the other kids had. My freshman year of high school I was 4'9" and weight 85 lbs soaking wet. By the time I graduated I was a whopping 5'4" at 105 lbs and really didn't grow much from there for another five years.

At 23-24 I grew another five inches but only weighed about 123 lbs. Worst of all since I was 13 I have had man boobs. I have tried working out, dieting from dairy products, I could never build muscle.

I have had insurance my whole life, went to all different doctors but none of them would test or attempt to treat anything. They all said the same thing they will eventually go away, and you need to push your self harder in the gym. I really tried everything.

At 27 I got married, two years later we tried to have kids, it was a no go, that's when my doctor at the time decided to send me to a fertility specialist. They discovered my testosterone was at 142 on a scale of 256 - 870, they gave me HCG that boosted my levels to 440s. I started feeling a bit better but after two years on HCG something was still not there. I tried talking to the specialist about my low T levels but she didn't want to hear it. She stated that she is there to resolve the infertility issue and not the overall wellbeing. I was like WTF, I am done.

Well, everything has caught up to me, now I am 40 I weigh approx. 267 lbs at 5'8" with a BMI of 40+. I literally can wear a freakin bra. If you see my body I have a thin face, thin arms, chicken legs all the fat is in my lower to mid abdomen and my chest everything is drooping. I bet I have a 100 pounds of fat in this areas.

I did find a doctor who finally said he would help, he did all the blood work, called an endo for specific details on what to have tested. My levels came back horrific for T Levels, 126 on a scale of 241-827. He sent me to the Endo who had two 1/2 month waiting list. I called my doc back and told him thanks and that my appoint was in two 1/2 months. He said hold on, he made a phone call, within 15 minutes I got a call from the Endo office asking me when would I like to come in next week. I was like huh? She said we are so backed up but the doctor approached her and told her to fit me in anywhere in the schedule that I could make it. I was astonished.

Well, for three months since I first started with the Endo, on Fortesta T Therapy, my T levels are in the 800's feeling a bit better, my weight is now approx. 240 lbs. He then started checking for IGF-1, first test 99, second test 127, he said this was extremely low. He asked me how do I function on a daily basis and sent me for an arginine stim test.

When the results came in I got a call at 8 pm on a Friday night from the doctor himself. He stated that he would like to start me on HGH Therapy. He faxed me over the results. It stated HGH is absent at baseline, it was 0.0 ng/ml for a range of 5.7 ng/ml when they administered the arginine at 30 mins, it was 2.6 ng/ml then at 60 mins it was 1.2 ng/ml, 90 mins it was 0.3 ng/ml and at 120 mins it was 0.1 ng/ml.

It was a battle getting my insurance to pay for the HGH but they finally approved Omnitrope 10 mg /1.5 ML. The initial dosage he is starting me at is 0.3, will this help me? This is my last hope. I need guidance on how to maximize this treatment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. - Thanks

Answer: Wow, what a shame that your doctors would not help you back when you first noticed the problem. The growth and development stage is when growth hormone is needed the most, and also the gonad hormones.

I am happy you finally found a doctor to help you.

Regarding your question about your dose, you said you are taking 0.3 mg. Are you taking the 0.3 mg once a day or twice a day?

With HGH injections doctors are suppose to aim for the least amount that provides the needed benefits so he is starting you on a low dose. Because of the risks of side effects a low dose should be given initially and the dose can be slowly increased as needed based on lab results and how the patient is tolerating the dose.

Regarding your testosterone therapy, did your doctor also prescribe an aromatase inhibitor to help prevent your body from converting the T into estrogen?

Other areas that I think should be checked if they weren't done already are your thyroid and adrenal function.

The proper test to see if you have hypothyroidism is called a "free T3" test. Unfortunately, many doctors including endo's still only check a TSH level and perhaps a T4 level. Your blood TSH may be normal but you may still be hypothyroid. Only the free T3 test can show if you are hypothyroid at the cellular level.

There are several tests that can be done to measure adrenal function depending on the patient's symptoms. Based on the information you gave me I recommend you have your cortisol and DHEA levels checked. The most accurate cortisol test is the saliva test but most insurances don't cover it and so your doctor may not offer it to you. There is a blood test that checks cortisol also, and it needs to be checked twice the same day. The first blood draw should be at 8 AM and the second blood draw should be at 4 PM.

Besides making sure your thyroid and adrenals are functioning properly I recommend you adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes diet and also giving your body the proper vitamins and nutrients because it cannot function properly without vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Unfortunately it is almost impossible these days to get all the nutrients we need from our food alone.

At your age I would use an anti-aging protocol like the one offered in the "Life Extension Revolution" book. This book will tell you what nutrients you need to help ensure your glands and organs function properly.

In closing I want to stress that you should consult your own doctor and follow his advice related to the information I have presented here.

*If you can't find the answer to your questions about our products please go to the top of this page and click on "Customer Service" and send in your question. I will do my best to answer it for you.

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