The Benefits of Restoring HGH As We Age

By Lisa Wells, RN

HGH Benefits

Dr. Daniel Rudman's groundbreaking research about the anti-aging abilities of HGH shook the medical world when it appeared in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine in 1990.

In Dr. Rudman's study the 12 men between the ages of 61 and 80 who took human growth hormone (HGH) saw what appeared to be a reversal of 10 to 20 years of aging effects. The men who took the placebo did not see these anti-aging benefits.1

We know that the adult body's supply of human growth hormone decreases with age. Dr Rudman's clinical research proved that by increasing our supply of human growth hormone back to a younger, more healthy level we can reverse many of the effects of aging as well as improve our health and fitness.

Restoring HGH in the aging body back to a more youthful and healthy level has been shown to:

increase energy and stamina,
improve deep, restful sleep,
build muscle and strength, improve fitness,
decrease fat, aid in weight loss,
sharpen thinking and improve memory,
improve mood and sense of well being,
improve the senses, including eyesight,
decrease and balance cholesterol levels,
strengthen the immune system,
accelerate healing,
improve bone density,
strengthen the cardiovascular system,
regrow organs and improve organ function,
improve other hormones,
improve libido and sexual function,
improve PMS and menopausal symptoms,
change hair back to youthful color,
improve and increase growth of hair and nails,
smooth out and decrease wrinkles,
lower blood pressure,
decrease wasting in AIDS patients,
improve diabetic situation,
improve fibromyalgia,
improve other health conditions, and more.2

Whether we take injections or homeopathic HGH if we can improve our supply of human growth hormone and growth factors to a more healthy level we should receive great anti-aging and health benefits.

Please keep in mind that everyone is different and so there may be variations to the benefits seen.

Benefits Reported When Taking Homeopathic HGH

In the book Feeling Younger With Homeopathic HGH Dr. Howard Davis described the many benefits that have been reported by patients taking the homeopathic form of growth hormone.3

The vast majority of clients taking our homeopathic HGH supplements as directed see benefits beginning in the first month.

Our clients report their benefits to us through phone conversations and messages, email correspondences, testimonials and product reviews.

We are proud to have many testimonials and product reviews from our clients that are available for everyone to read, many of which have included their full names. Please see our testimonial pages.

You will find each individual product's customer reviews by visiting that product's page inside our online store.

Our clients have reported these benefits:

Improved sleep with increased dreaming,
better mood, more positive outlook, sense of well-being,
increased energy, strength, and stamina,
improved motivation to get things done and start new projects,
sharper thinking and mental clarity, improved memory,
better eyesight, improvements with glaucoma and cataracts,
sharper senses,
increased lean muscle,
increased results from workouts,
decreased weight through fat loss,
increased weight in the underweight through increased lean muscle,
faster recovery from exercise and exertion,
increased libido and sexual function,
improved and balanced male hormones,
improvement of menopausal symptoms,
increased hair growth, including bald areas,
improved hair condition, gray hair returning to youthful color,
improved skin moisture and elasticity,
decreased wrinkles,
decreased total cholesterol, balanced HDL and LDL,
improved cardiovascular conditions,
decreased blood pressure in the hypertensive,
improvements in fibromyalgia,
improved thyroid conditions,
increased IGF-1 levels,
increased bone density, increased height,
increased healing of various injuries,
improved musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis,
improvements in neurological conditions,
and more!

Of course everyone is different and will respond in their own way. Some may see other benefits, some may see more, and some may see less. The first benefits seen may also be dependent upon any health conditions one has.

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Enjoy Benefits of HGH

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