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*Just fill out the form below and we will immediately send you a welcome email that will contain the code you need to receive free U.S. shipping or the international discount worth the same amount now!

If you are tired of paying shipping charges on your orders of our ProBLEN products all you need to do is join our new Live Young Club. If your order is being shipped inside the United States you will be able to use a free shipping code for every order.

If your order will be shipped outside the U.S. you will receive a code that will give you a discount that is worth the same as the cost of free shipping in the United States.

All you need to do is to use the box below to join the club.

Besides free U.S. shipping you will also receive other discounts, some of which will be exclusive to our Live Young Club members.

We Won't Sell or Share Your Information

Since we first began back in 1999 client privacy has always been our top priority. As a registered nurse of 39 years I have always been a staunch defender of HIPAA and all rights of privacy.

For instance, we have never shown ads on our sites. Ads follow the browsing of visitors and record their interests in order to be able to serve them more appropriate ads.

We have also never sold or shared any client information and we never will. Your amount of emails will not increase because you join our club because we will keep your email address private.

Only Valuable Information is Sent

Monthly we will send you a newsletter that will provide you with the needed codes to take advantage of free U.S. shipping and any other exclusive offers only available to our club members.

Also, as a nurse one of the things I enjoy is providing information about anti-aging and health and fitness to our clients, just check out the many health articles I have written that are available on this site, so I may include an article in our newsletters that will provide information that may be valuable to you in your quest for living young and aging well.

PLEASE NOTE: We use Constant Contact to safely send our newsletters and to care for your privacy. We recommend you add the email addresses we will use to send your codes to you to your email client's whitelist so they are not blocked or sent to spam.

Please add these addresses. Be sure to change the -at- to @: