ProBLEN ThyroPro

Homeopathic Thyroid Supplement

Improve Function and Balance Thyroid Hormones

Formally called Thyroid, this high quality FDA registered homeopathic product is specially formulated to support the body in re-balancing thyroid output and help combat the signs and symptoms of low or imbalanced thyroid hormones.

ThyroPro contains homeopathic thyroid extract and other homeopathic ingredients. It is not a hormone replacement therapy and contains no hormones, instead this product works with the body to help restore and balance the thyroid system safely. No prescription required in the U.S.

Thyroid Function Decreases With Age

The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland that is located in the front of the neck where it wraps around the trachea. It secretes hormones that control how quickly the body uses energy and how much energy is stored in the body as fat. It helps to regulate body temperature, sleep rhythms, digestive function, and it is crucial to the immune system and its ability to fight infections. Proper thyroid function is also critical to cognitive functions and mood.

As age progresses the function of the thyroid gland usually decreases and with this decrease comes a long list of symptoms. We in anti-aging medicine believe that many of the diseases of aging are caused or promoted by low thyroid function.

In the eyes of anti-aging medicine many of those who have been told their thyroid gland is fine may in reality be suffering from sub-optimal thyroid function. There is a difference in what conventional medicine considers "normal" by lab tests and what anti-aging medicine views as optimal thyroid function.

The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) estimates that 1 out of 5 women and 1 out of 10 men over the age of 60 suffer with an under-active thyroid gland.

Symptoms of Sub-Optimal Thyroid Function

Poor sleep
Weight gain
Dry skin or other skin conditions
Hair loss
Clouded thinking
Chronic fatigue
Sensitivity to cold
Low body temperature
Poor body temperature regulation
Thinning of outer eyebrows
Muscle weakness
Painful and/or heavy premenstrual periods Increased infections

ProBLEN ThyroPro is specially designed to work naturally with the body to help relieve the symptoms safely.

Did you know this? If you have adrenal issues you may have trouble converting the thyroid storage hormone T4 (including prescription levothyroxine) into active T3, and only T3 can bind with the cell receptors. This seems to be a common reason for modern thyroid treatment failures. See recommended reading below to learn more.

U.S. Pharmaceutical Grade Homeopathic Ingredients

Thyroidinum: 6X
Fucus Vesiculosus: 3X
Kali Iodatum: 6X
Glandula Suprarenalis: 6X
Lapis Albus: 30X
Calcarea Lodata: 12X
Natrum Muriaticum: 30X
Hypophysis: 6X
Spongia Tosta: 6X
Hydrofluoricum Acidum: 12C
Ferrum Metallicum: 12X

Inactive Ingredients: Purified Water 80%, Organic Vegetable Alcohol 20% (to hold potency stable and enhance absorption)

Ingredients are non-GMO and do not contain corn or gluten.

Sublingual Spray. Each bottle is a 30 day supply.

FDA NDC #43853-0040-1

Dosage Instructions

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ProBLEN ThyroPro

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