How HGH May Affect High Blood Pressure

By Lisa Wells, RN

growth hormone and blood pressure

Restoring human growth hormone in the aging body to a more healthy level has been shown to strengthen the cardiovascular system and help to stabilize the blood pressure.3

Dr. B.A. Bengtsson, in a study he carried out on 333 patients at Sahlgrenska Hospital in Sweden, found that growth hormone deficient patients had twice the risk of mortality from heart disease than their counterparts in age and sex who were not HGH deficient.

He found that the deficient patients tended to have high levels of the bad LDL and low levels of the good HDL cholesterol, high triglyceride concentration, high fibrinogen, high plasminogen activator inhibitor-1, as well as increased fat, especially abdominal fat, and increased insulin resistance.

He also found that the growth hormone deficient patients tended to have increased peripheral vascular hypertension.

When given HGH therapy the diastolic blood pressure (lower number) of his patients decreased by about 10%.

In a later study Dr. Bengtsson saw the high blood pressure (hypertension) in healthy obese males decrease when given human growth hormone therapy.

The patients in the study done by Dr. Edmund Chein and Dr. L. Cass Terry also experienced decreases in their high blood pressure with HGH therapy.2

"A healthy level of growth hormone makes for healthier hearts and blood vessels." Dr. Ronald Klatz

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Over the past 24 years we have heard a good many reports from clients saying they have seen improvements in their blood pressure while taking our homeopathic HGH supplements.

This site contains information about taking our HGH supplements if you have health conditions, including high blood pressure. Please click below for more information.

Of course those with any type of blood pressure issue should consult their private healthcare provider before taking any health product or supplement.

Also, anyone taking medication for hypertension should monitor their blood pressure while on any HGH therapy, especially during the first few months.

If the HGH therapy does help to stabilize and decrease a patient's high blood pressure, yet the patient is still taking the same dose of blood pressure medication, there is a chance the patient's blood pressure may possibly become low (hypotension). In this case the patient's doctor should be consulted as he/she may need to decrease the patient's dose of BP medication.

Some common symptoms of hypotension (low blood pressure) are feeling faint, weakness, and/or becoming dizzy, especially upon standing.

Anyone taking either of our HGH products while taking blood pressure medication should discontinue our product and contact their doctor immediately if they notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, and they should not resume our product until their doctor approves its use again.

Effective HGH therapy may help to decrease a patient's high blood pressure, which is a good thing, however, their doctor may need to decrease or even discontinue their BP medication.

Homeopathic HGH is the safest type of growth hormone therapy. I have never had a client report any problems associated with low blood pressure while taking our products, however, as a nurse I am always extra cautious.

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