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Lisa Wells, RNIn 1999 homeopathic human growth hormone helped my back and neck injuries, my fibromyalgia, my depression, I lost weight and shaped up, my skin and hair seemed to come back to life, and much more. I had conveyed my experiences to some of my clients and they said I should share my story on this website. I intentionally had not done this because I felt that some might see it as only a sales tactic.

By the year 2001 we had many online testimonials from clients so I decided to add my own as I felt that there may be others who were suffering with some of the same health ailments that I had suffered with and I hoped it might be helpful to them.

Lisa Wells, RN, founder of HGH-Pro

My Back and Neck Injuries

In November 1997 I was assisting a confused patient who was determined to get out of bed and wouldn't wait until I went to get help. I had to keep him from injuring himself and in the process I injured myself. I sustained two herniated discs in my cervical spine and three herniated discs in my lumbar spine (my neck and my lower back).

Since I worked in an emergency room and since I was working there when I was injured, I was seen by the doctor on duty there in the ER where I worked. He gave me the rest of the day off, and said I had only strained my back. Two days later I was back at work.

For the next month I suffered so much at work. After one month I was allowed to choose my own physician, an orthopedic surgeon, who immediately ordered an MRI and saw my herniated discs. He immediately placed me off work, which I needed, but I also lost my salary which I depended on, the disability I was paid was only a fraction of my normal salary. This placed a great hardship on me and those whom I supported.

After about 9 months of this hardship I found myself all alone, I was forced to move out of the house I had been making payments on for 4 years, and move into a small one bedroom apartment. The money was so tight that I could not afford to purchase a used refrigerator, so I had no refrigerator for the first six months of living in the apt. It was hard for me to adjust to not having the essentials, when as a nurse I had worked long hard hours to make a decent living for the past 15 years.

I became very stressed about making ends meet, I now lived alone, and I had no family to help me. My life and my health were in a terrible condition. I was in so much pain, my doctor tried every type of therapy available, including numerous injections directly into my cervical and lumbar spines (epidural injections), but nothing helped.

The massages, acupuncture, and ultrasounds felt good at the time they were in progress, but within one hour after the session my pain would be just as bad as before, and the muscles in my body would spasm, with knots in my neck, shoulders, arms, buttocks, legs, and down my entire back.

I had awful sharp pains that radiated down both arms to my hands, and I had terrible pain in my sciatic areas, with sharp shooting pains going down my legs into the top of my feet; everything hurt. I also developed fibromyalgia which made everything worse.

I became more depressed because my life seemed to be over. I had worked so hard to become a nurse and then also develop my specialty skills over the years, and now I would probably never be able to work again as normal. In my personal life I had always been so athletic and now I could not do much of anything.

My hair became very thin and lifeless, my skin became so dry that no matter how much lotion I applied it didn't help. I think some of this may have been due to my depression. I did not eat healthy, I had to eat something that didn't require refrigeration and didn't require any preparation. I was in too much pain, and I did not have enough energy to prepare anything, so I mostly ate junk food.

It was a chore just to get myself up to take a shower. I would put it off as long as possible. I stayed on the sofa watching television most of the day, I had no interest and no energy to do anything. I couldn't sleep at night, I would wake up every hour on the hour during the night. By about 3 AM I just couldn't stand it anymore so I would move back to the sofa and watch more TV. This was the condition of my life and my body after my injury.

My doctor finally decided on surgery. He performed a 3 level fusion of my cervical spine, with a metal plate and a piece of bone from my hip being used in the fusion. This surgery did help the worsening sharp pains that had constantly radiated down my arms, so I was very thankful, but it did nothing for the 3 herniated discs in my lumbar spine or the fibromyalgia.

When my doctor performed the cervical pre-operative MRI he also re-checked my lumbar area. He told me that the degeneration around my lumbar area had gotten worse since in my previous MRI. This was bad news.

Because of the location and the condition of my 3 lumbar discs my doctor told me there would be only about a 50% chance of improvement and surgery could even make the situation worse. He said that because of the low probability of improvement I may want to hold off on that surgery for as long as possible. He also said that the situation would continue to worsen and would eventually require the surgery. I decided to not have the lumbar surgery at that time.

One day my friend phoned me and she was excited because she had read about something called human growth hormone, and it helped to reverse aging. When she told me this my first response was to laugh. I only knew of it being used in children with dwarfism and stunted growth. She told me of the benefits she was experiencing so I decided to learn more about HGH use in adults.

I found the formula that was the most promising. It had undergone proper independent IGF-1 clinical studies on patients and had the highest IGF-1 clinical results. I did have one major problem with the formula, however, it was homeopathic. We had never been taught anything about homeopathy in our medical classes, and many in the medical profession had the opinion that anything homeopathic was a waste of money. We were also never taught anything about helping the body to heal itself using natural means.

Needless to say, I was very skeptical, and also this just sounded too easy, and too good to be true.

Well, to try to shorten this story, I decided to try it myself, and after a few days I began to start to feel like a different person. It is hard to explain, it is like I just woke up and found a new, better existence.

I began to have more energy and interest in things again, and I wanted to get myself back into life. I was in a better mood, my pain began improving, my whole outlook changed, so rather than being depressed I started wanting to help myself.

I knew I could be content with my life as it was, or I could again use my mind, my education, and my experience in order to help myself and help others.

I actually started creating this website, and the month before I could barely get myself up off the sofa. I was able to sleep all night for the first time in years, so I woke up more refreshed. The product helped my pain more than all the therapies I had gone through. I began losing the extra weight I had gained and started firming up.

Another friend was suspicious that I was sneaking off to the gym, which I should not do because I could have injured myself more, but I wasn't working out. She said I looked as good, if not better than I had looked before my injury. My skin became moist again, the condition of my hair improved and became thicker, shiny, and full of life again, I could go on.

So this is how came to be. When I experienced the benefits of homeopathic human growth hormone I thought it was the greatest thing, and I wanted everyone to know about it and have the opportunity to receive the help I received, and so I founded HGH-Pro.

It has now been 2 and a half years and I am very thankful for HGH. I have still not had the lumbar surgery, which is the 2nd surgery, the one my doctor said I would eventually require, yet my lower back problems and the pain down my legs have not worsened, but have improved.

As a licensed registered nurse I am very happy to now be working with human growth hormone and anti-aging therapies, because this is an area I am now very passionate about.


I know the benefits I am experiencing are real. Over the past 2 1/2 years I have also had many clients tell me they are experiencing many of the same benefits. I understand that some people think the benefits are merely placebo effects, but when you can look and see the changes with your own eyes, and when other people also notice the changes it is not placebo. When you can feel the relief, or can sleep all night, and you couldn't sleep before, it is not placebo effects.

I cannot guarantee everyone will receive the same benefits I have received, but many clients are seeing wonderful benefits, many as good and some even better than mine. With their doctor's permission, I would like for anyone who could be helped to at least give our homeopathic HGH spray a try. I do very strongly believe in human growth hormone and IGF-1 and I feel anti-aging therapy will only become better in the future.

Written 10/18/01.

Update For 2021

Lisa Wells, RN, 2015The above testimonial is my original testimonial written back in 2001. Twenty years have past since then. I am now 60 years old and I am still taking HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 and our other anti-aging supplements. Over these past many years I have spent my business days providing information to those who are interested in our supplements and also to our present clients so I hear of the benefits they are receiving. I am now more convinced than ever that our homeopathic products are a very safe and effective way to combat the effects of aging and to also provide relief for certain health conditions.

Of course as always I recommend everyone consult their own private healthcare provider about taking any health product or supplement and follow his/her advice.

Lisa Wells, RN


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