Why Choose HGH-Pro?

Human growth hormone products have been around since the late 1990's and I have worked in this area myself since early 1999. I feel that effective and safe non-injectable supplements are important because they offer an alternative to those who do not need or cannot afford the injections. I am working to provide honest information along with products that should help to give this area of anti-aging medicine respect and legitimacy.

HGH for anti-aging and fitness exploded onto the scene through TV talk shows, infomercials, radio, magazines, and of course, online in the late nineties. Obviously with the new wide spread interest came numerous new products to the market, I have seen so many products come and go over the past 25 years.

Some heavily advertised products are now sold by large companies who sell various types of items. They may purchase rights to a cheap HGH or amino acid formulation and then either pay a doctor/celebrity for endorsement or they may falsely claim that a certain doctor/celebrity endorses their product so they can over-charge the customer. Other products are sold by multi-level marketing companies and they may recruit people with no experience to sell their products.

As interest has increased so too has the sales hype and misleading claims being used to sell products increased. It can be hard to know whom one may trust in this highly competitive area and it can be very confusing trying to understand all the conflicting information being given on the many different websites.

Due to these practices I feel that some people may decide that everything to do with growth hormone is hype and that is a shame.

A Personal Message From Lisa Wells, RN

Please do not be disheartened by the different claims, contradictions, and hype you read on the various websites, there are effective products available. I must say however that some companies will only have a salesperson that can take your order by phone but won't be able to answer the questions you may have. Also, once you receive their product you may find that there is nobody to answer your questions. I have had customers who purchased other products call us in the hopes that we would answer their questions because they couldn't contact anyone from the company who sold them the product.

We do not sell our products and then disappear and leave clients on their own. My goal for HGH-Pro has always been to offer clients the most effective products, which are also products I take, and to offer them the proper advice when needed that can bring about the most positive anti-aging and health results.

We have always been quality and education oriented since 1999 and we will continue to offer our clients the top quality products and information they deserve.

Homeopathic HGH helped my neck and back injuries so much that I like to tell others about how homeopathic growth hormone may also help them, and as a registered nurse, I feel this should be a large part of what I am doing.

We have been offering ProBLEN FDA registered homeopathic hormonal and anti-aging products since 1999. We continue to improve our formulas and we bring out new products as the research into health, fitness, and the aging process progresses.

Our products are designed to work together to provide optimal benefits, and even though we offer only U.S. made products that are of the highest quality and effectiveness our prices are very competitive.

Get More When You Choose HGH-Pro!

Our HGH Formula Has Been Clinically Tested. Our HGH formula holds the record for raising IGF-1 levels the highest in independent IGF-1 clinical studies. Our HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 product is the ultimate human growth hormone product because it is based on the newest anti-aging research that is concerned with not only improving the production and release of human growth hormone but also improving the activation and utilization of human growth hormone and the body's important growth factors. This product is specially formulated to address the different stages of the human growth hormone process in the body.

Our FDA Registered Products Are Safe. All ProBLEN spray products have their own FDA National Drug Code (NDC) number. They are made with only the highest quality U.S. pharmaceutical grade ingredients in an FDA approved lab. We do not cut corners with the manufacturing or packaging of our products.

Some other products, including popular and heavily advertised products are made with low quality ingredients from outside the U.S., some are even manufactured outside the U.S. Some contain only cheap amino acids, synthetic vitamins, and/or a few herbs, like the products that are pills, capsules, or anything that has to be digested. Such products do not contain any HGH.

Our Products Have a High Satisfaction Rate. Some other products are said to require several months for benefits to become apparent. It should not take six months for a product to bring about some benefits that can be seen and/or felt. Based on our very low amount of returns we estimate over a 99% satisfaction rate.

Of course everyone is different and will respond in their own way, however, the majority of our clients see at least some benefits in the first 30 days. In fact some clients have reported noticing benefits after taking the product as directed for only a few days!

We Offer a Money Back Guarantee. We are confident that you will see results if you take the product as directed so we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee that allows you to open and try a full 30 day supply and if you are not satisfied you may return the empty bottle for a full refund. We also offer a 90 day guarantee that allows you to take a full three month supply of our product and if the specific hormone being treated does not improve we will issue you a full refund for the 3 empty bottles (lab results needed). Our Guarantee Policies

We Provide Professional Support Before and After the Sale. Our office is open five days a week. You may phone and speak with a live person or text us if you have questions. Questions related to taking our products and all questions related to health issues are addressed by experienced medical professionals. We offer free consults regarding our products to anyone who is interested and ongoing free consults are available to clients while taking our products.

We Provide Convenient and Secure Ordering. We offer convenient secure online ordering, toll free phone ordering in the U.S., phone ordering worldwide, and also fax ordering. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, money orders, personal checks, cashier's checks, bank transfers, and Western Union.

We Ship Five Days a Week. You don't want to have to wait many weeks for delivery of your product. Some other products are not available when you place your order and so it can sometimes take weeks for them to ship your order.

Our products are usually in stock and are ready to ship. When you place your order it will be shipped the same business day if we receive your order before our cutoff and your tracking number will be e-mailed to you. If your order is placed after 12:00 PM central time or during the weekend your order will be shipped the next business day.

Shipping Information

Please Consider This Before You Purchase Elsewhere

Over the past 25 years I have spoken with various people who were ripped off by other websites. I have written the information below to hopefully help those interested to make the right choice.

1. What is the name, address, and phone number of the company/seller?

If you cannot find their name, address, and phone number I recommend you leave the site. Remember, you will be giving your credit card information to an unknown person if you place an order.

2. Can you phone them with any questions? Does the person answering your questions seem to know much about the product?

The company/seller should provide a valid telephone number and should be easily accessible before and also after the sale. They should have some knowledge and experience regarding the product.

3. How long has the company or seller been selling their products?

If the website provides no information about the owner's years of experience or years in business then the website may be new and the owner may have little or no experience.

4. Does the company offer a money back guarantee?

When considering which product to purchase make sure the company offers a 100% money back guarantee and find out the exact specifics of the guarantee. Some guarantee advertisements are very misleading so you should read the actual guarantee policy itself. 90 Day Guarantee Scams

5. Does the website show any customer testimonials or product reviews?

If so are they from paid celebrities or endorsers or from people who are paid to write reviews? Some celebrities are paid to endorse a product when in reality they have probably never taken it themselves. The clients who wrote our testimonials and product reviews were not compensated.

6. Will the company or seller still be available after the sale?

I have heard reports of customers purchasing a product from a website only to call a short time later and find that their phone number had been disconnected or else they were now selling a different product and they wanted nothing to do with the product the customer had purchased.

Try to ensure the website's owner is established and will still be available if you have questions or problems. Also, you want them to still be around if you wish to order again.

Lisa Wells, RN


A List of False Claims Being Used to Sell HGH Products