How Much HGH Do Sprays and Gels Contain?

By Lisa Wells, RN

Homeopathic HGH measuring ingredients

Homeopathy works on the basis of the electromagnetic energies of the active ingredient, making it a much deeper form of medicine than modern allopathic medicine. For this reason you should not try to apply or compare allopathic measurements that measure weight such as nanograms (ng) or milligrams (mg) to the homeopathic HGH in sprays and gels.

*Even if a seller claims that his/her product is not homeopathic it still cannot contain any more growth hormone than that of a homeopathic product. See below for more about the nanogram scam.

Homeopathic Potencies

Ingredients that have gone through the proper homeopathic process will always be measured in potencies because what is being measured are the number of succussions and dilutions that were used to build up the electromagnetic energies of the ingredient, not the weight of the pre broken down pharmaceutical form of the ingredient, as is the case with allopathic products.

In allopathic medicine the body has to try to break down the ingredient itself into its usable form, and then try to dispose of the remainder. Homeopathic medicines have already been broken down.

Homeopathic Succussion and Dilution

In homeopathic measurements you will see a number in front of the letters X, C, or M. This is the potency of the ingredient.

For instance, on the label of our HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 product you will see this:

Human Growth Hormone (Somatropin): 30X, 12X
IGF-1 (Somatomedin C): 12X
IGF-2 (Somatomedin A): 12X
Deer Antler Velvet: 6X
Alpha GPC: 8X
Pituitarum: 5C, 7C, 9C
Hepar Suis (Liver Extract): 6X

This means that the product contains the ingredient human growth hormone at 30X and 12X potency, it contains the ingredient IGF-1 at 12X potency, etc.

Homeopathic succussion

The number in front of the letter is the number of times the ingredient has been succussed and diluted. The letter X indicates a 1 to 10 dilution, the letter C indicates a 1 to 100 dilution, and the letter M indicates a 1 to 1000 dilution.

As per our example the human growth hormone ingredient was succussed and diluted 30 times using a 1 to 10 dilution.

By succussing the mixture we are able to excite the electrons in the active ingredient. This causes the molecules of the active ingredient and base solution to mingle and exchange information, at which time the energies of the active ingredient are transferred into the lattice (honeycomb) of the base solution. This energized solution is then quickly and completely absorbed through the thin skinned and blood rich area under the tongue.

An ingredient is succussed by agitating it through the use of shaking the bottle and tapping the end of the bottle on the heel of the hand, as is shown in the image.

This entire time consuming process is what makes a homeopathic product effective.

As a general rule, the potency of an ingredient increases with each succussion and dilution.

The key to effective homeopathic medicine is finding the potency that the body responds to best.

Some HGH Products Are Not Real Homeopathics

When looking for any health product or supplement please read the product information and labels carefully and understand what they mean.

FDA registered homeopathic products will always give the potency (X and C) of the ingredient on the label, which is what makes the product effective.

Instead of stating the proper potency of the ingredient some companies will claim that their product contains a certain number of ng (nanograms) of the ingredient. A nanogram is 1 billionth of a gram. Such a product is not a real homeopathic. If the HGH hasn't gone through the homeopathic process to build up and harness its energies such a small amount still in allopathic form will be useless.

As was previously stated homeopathic products are not measured in nanograms, milligrams, grams or other similar measurements and you should not find this on the label of a true homeopathic product.

Beware of the Nanogram Scam!

Question About the Potencies of our Two HGH Supplements

Question: I recently purchased your HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 product and I have the following question:

The ingredients of HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 indicates the following "Human Growth Hormone - 30X, 12X" but for the product HGH the label indicates "Human Growth Hormone - 30X".

Does that mean for HGH Plus that the human growth hormone has been diluted twice since it shows 30X followed by a comma and 12X? Could you please provide clarification on whether the two products have the same amount of human growth hormone or different amounts and how to interpret?

Answer: The HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 product contains 2 separate formulas of human growth hormone, and the HGH product contains one formula.

HGH Plus contains the same 30X formula that our original HGH product contains, and it also contains an additional second HGH formula, at 12X potency.

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