Reconstituting HGH and Figuring Doses

By Lisa Wells, RN

HGH Injections - reconstitute and figure dose

Below you will find posts from our old forums that I felt might be helpful so I wanted to keep this information available. All questions are answered by myself.

How to Reconstitute HGH Injection and Draw Up Correct Dose

Question: A forum member asked me about how to properly reconstitute vials of HGH injection and how to figure and draw up the proper dose in a private thread.

I am copying my instructions to this public thread, in case others are interested in this information, however, this information is not meant to take the place of the personal instructions that should be given to each patient by the doctor or anti-aging clinic who prescribes the injections.

The vial the forum member received was a 5 IU vial of HGH powder, along with 2 cc ampules of bacteriostatic water for reconstitution.

He also asked how to convert the cc's (ml) in order to receive the prescribed dosage of 0.5 IU of HGH using a 1 cc (ml) insulin syringe. By the way, cc and ml are the same and can be used interchangeably.

Answer: OK, I just went to the seller's page about reconstitution. I must first say that I do not agree with their way of selling injections over the Internet and not providing appropriate information and training.

That being said, I don't mind helping you because I want you to take the correct dose.

AmpuleFrom what they state on their reconstitution page it seems they sent you a vial of HGH powder that contains 5 IU and they sent you 2 cc ampules with bacteriostatic water for reconstitution.

First, before opening the ampule you need to take it in your hand and give it a sort of shake, to get all the solution into the correct end of the ampule, otherwise you might lose a good amount of the solution in the top that breaks away from the ampule. If this happens you won't be able to reconstitute correctly and the dosage will be stronger than you should take.

Also, when you open the ampules I recommend wrapping a tissue about the top when you pop the top because if the ampule is the type we use in the hospital it is possible to get cut when you open it.

Once you open the ampule you need to insert the syringe and draw out the entire solution, which according to their instructions is 2 ml or cc. (ml and cc are the same)

They should have sent you 2 different types of syringes, one 3 ml syringe that you can use to easily draw up the 2 ml of solution and another 1 ml insulin syringe that you will use to give yourself the subcutaneous injection.

Once you inject the 2 ml of solution into the vial you should lightly shake it to mix the powder with the liquid.

The vial contains 5 IU total, so when you reconstitute correctly you will have a concentration of 5 IU in 2 ml, exactly as the example I sent to you the other day.

To figure the correct amount of reconstituted solution to inject I will use "ratios and proportions" so the formula I will use is:

5 IU : 2 ml :: 0.5 IU : X ml

To work this formula you first multiply 2 ml x 0.5 IU, this equals 1.0 ml.

Then you divide the 1.0 ml by 5 IU, which will give you 0.2 ml (0.2 cc), which is the answer.

You need to inject yourself with 0.2 ml of the reconstituted solution in order to receive 0.5 IU of HGH For Injection.

Before drawing up your dose of 0.2 ml, you should first draw 0.2 ml of air into the syringe and inject it into the vial. This keeps the pressure in the vial correct. Since you will be drawing out 0.2 ml of HGH that 0.2 ml needs to be replaced with air, if not you will get a negative pressure in the vial. At the same time you inject the 0.2 ml of air you draw out the 0.2 ml of HGH.

Using the 1 ml insulin syringe you should draw up to the ".2 ml" (or .20 ml) mark on the syringe, which is only 1/5 of the total amount the syringe holds. Your syringe holds 1.0 ml total if you draw all the way up to the 1 ml mark, you need to only draw up to 0.2 ml, which is a small amount of solution, that will give you 0.5 IU of HGH.

Follow-up question: Is it acceptable to reconstitute HGH with Sterile water in lieu of Bacteriostatic with .9% alcohol. If so, can it be stored after reconstitution in the fridge for a week?

When my pharmacy filled my prescription, they provided sterile water for reconstitution. My Dr was very upset and told me I needed the type with .9% alcohol and contacted my pharmacy to resend the vial already reconstituted. I realize that I should follow my doctor's order, I was just curious as to whether I was in danger of infection having used the product for a week with sterile water.

Follow-up answer: Your doctor is correct. It is not acceptable to reconstitute a multi-use vial with a non-preservative, non-antimicrobial diluent.

Hopefully you used the correct technique when giving yourself the injections, such as cleaning the top of the vial with a sterile alcohol wipe, and only using the alcohol wipe for one swipe across the top, and cleaning the skin where the injection will be given with a new sterile alcohol wipe, and only wiping the area once with each wipe. These measures, along with refrigeration will have reduced your chance of infection.

I am sure you have not used the vial since you found out it was reconstituted with the wrong diluent, and I am sure your doctor told you to pay attention and let him/her know if you begin noticing any symptoms that might indicate an oncoming illness.

Follow-up question: Yes, I have followed all of the proper alcohol cleaning procedures as you described. My Dr. was quite helpful in the entire learning process. I will notify him immediately should I begin to see concern of infection. And no, I have not used any more of the improperly reconstituted HGH. Thank you for your help and concern.

10 Vials of 10 IU Somatropin

Question: 40 yr old just got 10 IU vials non prescription injectables need to know how much antibacterial solution to use for reconstitution and how many cc's I should take and how many injections per day and for how long I have 10 bottles. Please advise.

Blue top HGH vialsAnswer: Hello, I need more information before I will be able to hopefully help you.

You said you received non-prescription injectables. Are you saying you bought an injectable product that doesn't require a prescription or that you purchased HGH injections without getting a prescription?

I will need to know exactly what the vial says the product is, and the amount of substance that the label says is in each vial, and any instructions that are given on the label.

Follow-up question: Yes I have no prescription and I will respond with more information when I receive my vials.

Follow-up question: I have 10 vials of 10 IU's of somatropin i was told to reconstitute w/ 10 IU's of antibacterial solution an start injections of 0.5 IU's and gradually increase dosages. I am 40 yrs of age and believe i am going through andropause i weigh 210 lbs about 20% body fat.

Does this reconstitution sound right and when should I increase dosage? When should I expect any effects? And last how long should this supply last me? I have no prescription and need your advice before I start therapy based on the information I have.

Follow-up answer: So each vial contains 10 IU total of growth hormone and you were given ten 1 ml ampules of bacteriostatic water w/ preservative to use for reconstituting the vials?

I assume they sent you 1.0 ml insulin syringes?

If this is correct you need to draw out the 1 ml of bacteriostatic water, the liquid should fill the syringe up to the 1.0 ml mark, and inject it into a vial of HGH.

This will give you a concentration of 10 IU HGH per ml of liquid.

After reconstitution if you are taking 0.5 IU of HGH per day in one dose you will draw the HGH up to the 0.05 mark on the syringe. If you take 1 IU per day in one dose you will draw up to the 0.1 mark on the syringe. If you divide your daily dose into 2 doses (AM and PM injection) you will half these amounts so you get the correct amount per day, either 0.5 or 1 IU.

Regarding your dosage, I am sorry but as a registered nurse I cannot recommend a specific dose you should take, as it is beyond my scope of practice.

You should have your IGF-1 level checked and a qualified doctor can use that information along with other tests and examination to prescribe the dose of growth hormone that is best for you.

You should also be followed by a doctor during your therapy so your IGF-1 level and other labs can be monitored to make sure no harm is being done.

I must say that HGH injections can cause serious problems so I do not agree with self medication. I can only provide some general information that anti-aging doctors may use depending on the patient's lab results and symptoms.

Some doctors begin with 0.5 IU total per day either once a day or divided into two doses five days a week and they may increase the dose to 1 IU per day after one to two months depending on the patient's status and what the patient's IGF-1 level is.

Many doctors believe doses of 2 IU per day or more can cause problems.

After every few months of therapy doctors usually have their patients stop the injections for several weeks. They do this to try to keep the patient's pituitary gland from becoming lazy and stopping its own release of HGH.

Regarding benefits, generally, for those taking the dose that is best for them benefits will become apparent within six weeks of therapy, but it depends on other factors as well such as proper nutrition.

You asked how long the vials you purchased will last you. If you take 1 IU per day each vial should contain 10 doses. If you are taking 1 IU per day five days a week then each vial should last you two weeks.

In closing I must urge you to be very careful. Injecting hormones is very risky without the proper guidance. I hope you will consider consulting a qualified physician about using your growth hormone injections.

Help Mixing Zorbtive and Correct Dose

Question: Hi, I was wondering if there is anyone who can help me out with the mixing of my Zorbtive (HGH)

Each vial is 8.8 mg (approx. 26 IU) I am reconstituting with 2 ml of bacteriostatic water. I am currently injecting .20 cc every 12 hours (7 am & 7 pm) Every day.... can anyone tell me what this amount equals in IU's or whatever? I have no idea how to figure this out.

Also is this does too much for me? I am 130 pounds 5' 8" tall.... recently lost 100 pounds after having Gastric Bypass surgery in December of 2009. I was prescribed the Zorbtive because I am not absorbing enough nutrients from the foods I eat (obviously due to the Gastric Bypass) Another benefit I am hoping to get from the HGH is that it'll help tighten up the loose skin from losing so much weight, and adding muscle mass for that I have lost as well.

Answer: With HGH injections it is better to start with a low dose because of the chance of side effects. Doctors should strive to find the amount that will provide benefits without also causing side effects.

Generally 1 mg equals about 3 IU of injectable growth hormone so if you are taking 0.88 mg (.20 cc of constituted liquid) every 12 hours you are taking 2.64 IU twice a day.

That's 5.28 IU per day, that's a good size dose.

It is generally believed that HGH injection doses of over 2-3 IU per day can cause side effects. Some doctors believe that doses of over 8 IU per week is too much.

I can't say whether your dose is too much for you, that is the job of your doctor. He should monitor your IGF-1 level and if you begin noticing any side effects you should let him know immediately.

Regarding benefits, the HGH should help to tighten your skin. Best of luck!

How Much Bacteriostatic Water Should I Add?

Question: I know there isn't a one universal answer to this, but I do know there is a norm and I want to know it so I don't hurt myself.

HGH vialHere is a picture of my medicine. I no longer have insurance so I can't see a doctor about it. I need to know how much bacteriostatic water I mix it with. I remember it was 100 units. I just don't know the units! Hana. Can someone please help?

Answer: I see the photo of your vial of HGH. I need to know how many International Units or milligrams of growth hormone are in the vial. That information is found on the label.

Also, is your bacteriostatic water in a vial or an ampule?

100 units is the same as 1 ml or 1 cc.

Follow-up question: Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post Lisa. Below is a picture of the label it came with. I don't see any units saying how much hgh powder is in there, but maybe i just don't know what I'm looking at. I also have a picture of my bacteriostatic water. I assume this is an ampule because the dictionary defines vial to be very small.

I hope this is the information you requested. I have weighed the vials and they weigh approx. 5.8 grams.

Follow-up answer: The label says the vial contains 10 IU (international units). This means there is a total of 10 IU of somatropin in the bottle.

An ampule is a small long slender container. You must break the top away to get to the liquid. A vial has a rubber top where you must insert a needle to get to the liquid. There are different sizes of vials.

If your ampule/vial contains 1 ml and you add the entire 1 ml to the vial of HGH you will have a strength of 10 IU of somatropin per 1 ml.

If your ampule/vial of water doesn't tell you how much it contains I recommend you draw it up with a syringe to see. You mentioned 100 units so it sounds like you have an insulin syringe. If you fill that syringe up to the 1.0 ml or 100 unit line that will be 1 ml.

If you want to take 1 IU of HGH you will draw up 0.1 ml into your syringe.

If you are using a U100 insulin syringe to give the injection you will need to draw the reconstituted HGH up to the 0.1 ml line. If the syringe is marked in units it will be the 10 unit line. This is a small amount, only 1/10th of what the syringe will hold.

Bacteriostatic water vialOf course if your ampule/vial contains a different amount of bacteriostatic water these numbers will need to be changed.

In closing, as a nurse I must tell you that I recommend you consult your doctor and not treat yourself. I was not recommending a dose above, I only used 1 IU as an example.

Follow-up question: Oh, I see! 10 IU. I thought it said 101u (one-zero-one-you), like that was part of the specific name. Thanks for pointing that out.

Ok, I'm an idiot. I guess it's not an ampule, and its a vial. Here is a pix of it.

The 100 units thing was just what I was told. The syringes I have go up to 1 ml. Any syringe is fine for this type of injection, right?

I do understand you're just telling me examples of how medication is taken, and not recommending anything.

Thanks again Lisa for taking the time to answer my questions. I really appreciate it.

Follow-up answer: You have a 30 ml vial of Bacteriostatic Water. To have the concentration I spoke of above (10 IU per 1 ml) you will need to draw out only 1 ml to add to the vial of Somatropin.

How Long Will My Vial Last?

Question: I just started my first kit. I read quite a bit prior and it seemed that everyone has agreed that for a 10 unit vial I should reconstitute with 1cc of water therefore making 10 units on a insulin syringe equal 1iu. I was told half of a kit should last a month with taking 3 IU's per day. my first vial only lasted three days. At that rate, it will last 15 days. Is this correct or am I doing something wrong? I would greatly appreciate any help on this matter. Thank you!!!

Answer: If the vial is a 10 IU vial (contains 10 IU total of growth hormone injection) and you reconstitute the vial with 1 cc of bacteriostatic water you will have a concentration of 10 IU/1cc (1 IU HGH per 0.1 cc).

Each 0.1 on the insulin syringe will contain 1 IU of HGH. This means that if you are taking 3 IU per day then each vial will last you three days, with 1 IU left over.

HGH and IGF-1

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