Are Only the HGH Injections Effective?

By Lisa Wells, RN

Are injections the only effective GH therapy?

Those who offer prescriptions as well as those who sell the injections illegally may tell you that only the HGH injections are effective. This claim must come from their wish to make money because it certainly does not come from research or from the authorities in the field of human growth hormone for anti-aging.

If your pituitary gland is damaged and can no longer release any growth hormone on its own then, yes, only the injections will be effective for you because only they are a full hormone replacement therapy.

However, the vast majority of people do not have a damaged pituitary gland and so the injections are not the only means in which their growth hormone can be increased. There are now numerous clinical studies, articles, and books that provide information about how we can increase our HGH level without injections.1

The most popular book written about human growth hormone is called Grow Young With HGH. Written by Dr. Ronald Klatz, this book fueled the anti-aging growth hormone movement.

In this book Dr. Klatz states:

"We should first try increasing our body's own release of human growth hormone using safe HGH supplements that will not interfere with the function of the pituitary gland." Hormone replacement therapy with synthetic HGH injections is still new, we cannot know the long term effects."

Taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with some synthetic hormones such as synthetic estrogen has been shown to increase the risk of cancer in some clinical studies. If you take the HGH injections you are taking synthetic hormone replacement therapy.1

The same book states:

"Those who are concerned about the safety and cost of synthetic injections, yet still want the numerous benefits of human growth hormone, may consider taking products to promote the improved production of HGH by their own pituitary gland."1

Another book written in the late 1990's states:

"With the way anti-aging science is advancing, the HGH injections may soon be obsolete. New sublingual (under the tongue) HGH sprays are under development".

News Flash About HGH Therapy

HGH injections are not the only way in which human growth hormone can be increased in the body.

In fact, the injections are only approved by the FDA for use in children with delayed growth, for the musle wasting of AIDs patients, and for adults with legitimately diagnosed growth hormone deficiency, also known as somatopause.

At this time there are non-injection human growth hormone products available and a few of them have had double-blind clinical studies to measure effectiveness, including our own formula. Those who claim that only the injections are effective ignore all evidence and clinical studies that support the effectiveness of non-injection products.

HGH Spray With Clinical Studies Showing Effectiveness

In 1998 our first homeopathic human growth hormone spray underwent independent randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical studies by a group of doctors who were looking for a safe and effective alternative to injections.2

As I previously stated, our HGH formula is one of only a few that have had IGF-1 clinical studies to measure effectiveness. I believe this is one reason why some have the opinion that non-injection products do not work.

There are now so many different products on the market and most of them cannot show any legitimate clinical evidence to support their product, and of the few products that have had IGF-1 clinical studies only our studies were done independently.

More information about our clinical study results are found beginning on this page: The IGF-1 Clinical Studies of ProBLEN HGH

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