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Below are some questions that were posted in our old forums, along with my answers. One is about using amino acid stacks to stimulate HGH release, another is from a 26 y/o asking about HGH injections and steroids. Other questions include a 20 y/o asking about taking Somatropin or Jintropin to build muscle and questions about the spray products.

Which HGH Injection is the Best?

Question: Title speaks for itself.. I heard a lot of people say they use Jintropin HGH injection but then I hear that Sermorelin is the best? what is,,,, and one other question.... what kind is more known for increasing height?

Answer: I wouldn't trust any product with Jintropin on the label because there are so many fake Jintropin products. Even the company who makes the real Jintropin in China lost their Chinese license to make it at one point. Jintropin is not legal in the U.S.

Concerning Sermorelin, it is a gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogue. It's a synthetic version of growth hormone releasing hormone. Natural GHRH is released by the hypothalamus. It is considered an HGH releaser and does not contain any HGH.

Regarding your question about which product is best to take, there are various opinions about that. The injections can give the body all the HGH it needs quickly but there can be side effects. Sermorelin must coax the pituitary gland into releasing more of its own growth hormone and so may not increase HGH in the body as fast as the injections but releasers do not carry as many risks. Also, when a releaser is taken the HGH in the person's body is their own real human growth hormone and not a synthetic copy of HGH. The hormones made by the body are always better than man-made hormones.

Humatrope by Eli Lily and Protropin by Genentech are probably most known for being used in children for increasing height but Norditropin has become very popular also.

Do HGH Sprays Work?

Question: I have been doing a little research and not to say that your products don't work or anything. but i read a lot that hgh sprays are very ineffective and injections can have a lot of bad side affects. So I came to the conclusion that hgh in pill form would suit me best. and after looking at your website it seemed like the information i read made your products seem legit but in the picture all i see is a spray bottle. Do you guys carry only hgh sprays?

Answer: Whoever is telling you that homeopathic HGH sprays are ineffective is wrong. Those who sell the pill and powder products claim that sprays don't work because they want you to buy their HGH releaser dietary supplements that contain only amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and/or herbs.

Also, some doctors and clinics who prescribe and sell the injections are not going to tell you that you can take a much safer and much cheaper homeopathic spray that can be very effective, even if it is true.

Our products are very popular on the market and have been for over 12 years because they are effective. Of the very few products that have undergone randomized double-blind placebo-controlled IGF-1 clinical studies to prove effectiveness we hold the record. Our formula increased growth hormone in the body of test patients more than any other non-prescription product.

None of the amino acid releaser and secretagogue pill products have had any clinical studies that I am aware of to prove whether they are effective or not. If they mention clinical studies they are usually referring to studies done on individual amino acids, some of which were administered by IV infusion, not orally. The studies were not done on their own product. Such products do not contain enough of the various amino acids they contain to do much good.

Take a look at our web site for a more detailed explanation about the amino acid releaser products.

HGH Pills - the Releasers, Precursors, Secretagogues.

The Different Types of HGH Therapy

If you want to see the results of our clinical studies, which were done independently at an anti-aging clinic:

ProBLEN IGF-1 clinical studies.

So we don't sell the amino acid HGH products. Those products are dietary supplements. Our products are FDA registered homeopathic medicines. More information about homeopathic HGH and how homeopathy works is found at the link about the different types of therapy, see above.

My HGH Stack???

Question: I take a releaser combo with these ingredients:

Arginine Pyroglutamate – 3 grams
L-Lysine – 3 grams
Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate – 3 grams (didn't know if I should use this or a different Ornithine)
GABA – 1 gram
Glycine – 3 grams
L-Glutamine – 3 grams
Tribulus – 1 gram
Niacin – 1/2 gram
Alpha GPC – 1 and 1/2 gram
L-Leucine – 3 grams
L-Dopa – 1 gram

Could you please let me know what changes you would make to these ingredients to improve my amino combo?

Answer: Wow, it looks like you have covered about all the amino acids and herbs that stimulate the pituitary gland.

I do have a few questions.

How are you cycling?
How long have you been taking this stack?
Are you monitoring your liver enzymes?

Follow-up question: I do five days on two days off and will probably take off two weeks every three months. I have only been taking it two 1/2 weeks now. No liver monitoring.

I have updated it with a delivery system to help get it in the blood stream.

2 grams of Glucose Polymer.
1/2 Gram of baking soda.
10 mgs of BioPerine

What do you think?

Follow-up answer: I am happy to hear that you are cycling, however, since you are taking such high doses of amino acids I recommend you have your kidney and liver function studies checked periodically.

Is this a doctor recommended regimen that was made specifically for you? The reason I am asking is because I don't want to get between you and your doctor.

I will just say that depending on what your blood tests shows you may want to take more than the two weeks off at a time, since mega doses of amino acids can stress the kidneys and liver and can also cause a nitrogen imbalance.

I wouldn't take everything at the same time and I certainly wouldn't just take them all at bedtime. In my opinion it is too much to be taken at one time.

Besides stressing the kidneys and liver I doubt your body would be able to get optimum use out of the nutrients if you take them all in one dose.

You didn't tell me how you take them during the day so I wanted to mention those recommendations.

I have heard of people whose liver functions (AST and ALT enzymes) have become dangerously high from taking large amounts of amino acid combinations to stimulate HGH release, and some of them were doctor prescribed, so please keep this in mind.

Follow-up question: No its not a Dr. prescription. I take them all at bed time. Should I drop the dose some of time? Which ones would you drop?

Follow-up answer: Although many protocols call for taking secretagogues at bedtime and it is more convenient, I believe that for the best results we should try to work with the body.

The body releases HGH at various times throughout the day, when we awake in the morning, with exercise, and during the first 20-90 minutes of deep slow wave sleep. The bedtime dose is important but it should not be the only time you take your HGH therapy, in my opinion.

I personally would divide all the amino acids, niacin and L-dopa into three doses and take a dose upon awaking, before a workout and at bedtime.

One note about arginine and ornithine, the common recommendation is to take them two to one, meaning if you take 3 gms of arginine you take half that amount of ornithine (1.5 gms).

The GABA should only be taken at night since it can cause drowsiness.

I would not take the tribulus at night. I would take it divided up two or three times a day with meals.

Follow-up question: What do you think of the 1200 mg dose for Arginine Pyroglutamate and Lysine test? They say that lower dose works better.

Follow-up answer: I assume you are referring to the Italian test. I think the lower dose would work better, since another study showed no increase in growth hormone or IGF-1 levels when taking twice the 1200 mg dose.

That other study was done on men over 65, and we know that the amino acid combinations tend to work better the younger you are.

Follow-up question: I have one more question. My age is almost 59. Would the 1200 mg dose still be best for me at that age? Thanks for all your help.

I would think the lower dose would be better for you, otherwise you would need to try taking at least 3 gm of each and that would be so very hard on your kidneys and liver, not to mention your stomach, and even then you have no guarantee it would help.

In closing I must recommend you consult a qualified doctor regarding the HGH regimen that would be best for you and follow his/her advice.

26 y/o Considering Somatropin or Jintropin

Question: I am 26 years old and I am right now doing a cycle of Winny and Tren I was considering to use Jintropin or Somatropin, but my friend told me that there are serious risks if someone in my age is taking HGH.

My goal is not to get extremely huge rather than that I want lean and hard muscle mass. I was just wondering if my friend is right or if the effects are the same for a 25 year old and a 45 year old?

Answer: As a registered nurse I must say that I am not in favor of young healthy people taking HGH injections. I believe the injections should only be used as a last resort for the treatment of aging, growth hormone deficiency, or other health conditions such as HIV/AIDS.

The reason is because the injections are a man-made hormone replacement therapy. Those with a healthy pituitary gland that already makes a normal amount of growth hormone should not make themselves dependent upon a hormone replacement therapy at their young age.

Those who take the injections can develop a lazy pituitary gland because it won't need to produce HGH while the injections are being taken.

Also, if the injections are stop abruptly the person can experience a rebound effect where their benefits disappear and their condition ends up worse than before they started taking the injections.

There are also side effects that may be seen when taking the injections.

More information about HGH side effects.

That being said, there are young bodybuilders and athletes who are willing to take the risk.

Keep in mind, there is a difference in the HGH injections, which can provide the body with all the growth hormone it needs and more, and the non-injection products that can boost the pituitary gland's own release of real HGH.

The different types of HGH products.

20 y/o Wanting to Build Muscle and Strength

Question: I'm 20 years old and have been doing some research on hgh products as well as anabolic steroids. I understand the mechanics of both of them and still continuing to do so. I have a hard time gaining, and I'm looking for a little extra strength/mass. I understand you have to work for it but it seems the results I want can only come from my diet and exercise and using a synthetic enhancement.

I have been on a more healthy diet and I'm starting a more regular work out routine. I want to know if an oral hgh product would be better to take or an anabolic steroid. I don't want to get huge. I want to take safe dosages of what will get me the best results with safe cycle time periods. Advice?

Answer: First I must say that I don't approve of anyone taking steroids to increase muscle due to the serious risk factors, as I feel sure you are aware of.

I also don't approve of someone age 20 taking HGH therapy, whether injection or non-injection, without their doctor's approval.

However, if you have already made up your mind to take something I would recommend you try a sublingual homeopathic HGH product.

From what you said it sounds like safety is important to you so I will tell you that no anabolic steroids are safe. Besides the side effects, if you take steroids you can mess up your body's own production of testosterone and if you stay on them for too long your body may never release enough of its own testosterone again.

The same goes for the HGH injections. They can cause your body to stop releasing its own growth hormone.

Homeopathic HGH products work with the body and so won't shut down the pituitary gland's own release of HGH but should actually improve it.

We have many bodybuilders who take our HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 product and have reported great results, however, as you said your diet will play an important role also. You will need to take in adequate protein and nutrients to build the muscles and adequate complex carbs to give your body energy so it won't burn muscle for fuel.

Also, once you have increased your muscle size you will need to continue to feed your muscles by taking in an adequate amount of protein and fuel daily.

Here is the link to more information:

Our HGH Plus For Bodybuilders and Athletes

Again, I don't approve of anyone your age taking any type of HGH therapy without their doctor's permission.

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