ProBLEN HGH Customer Survey

Our pharmaceutical lab did a survey where they asked clients about the benefits they were experiencing while taking our original homeopathic HGH spray product. Although this survey is not considered a scientific study the responses definitely show positive effects.

We also have legitimate independent randomized double-blind placebo-controlled IGF-1 clinical studies, which are scientific, and pages and pages of testimonials. The benefits reported below were experienced during the first four weeks of therapy.

HGH Product Survey Specifics

Evaluation forms sent out: approximately 25
Evaluation forms returned: 16
Number of males: 9
Number of females: 7
Average age: 50
Average time when effects noted 24 days

Summary of Benefits Seen in First Four Weeks

Benefits and Improvements - Percentage of Clients Who Noticed the Benefis

Consistent Levels of Energy - 94%
Sense of Well-being - 94%
Mood - 87%
Muscle Tone - 75%
Sexual Function - 75%
Sleep Patterns - 75%
Strength - 56%
Stamina (Exercise Tolerance) - 50%
Memory - 44%
Concentration - 44%
Muscle to Fat Ratio - 38%
Skin Wrinkling - 38%
Skin Dryness - 38%
Amount of Hair - 13%
Rate of Healing from Injury - 13%
Weight - 19%
Immunity/Infection Resistance - 19%
Vision - 6%
Bone Density - 6%

On average, effects were first noted in the third week after starting the product. One person also had his IGF-1 level (determining factor of human growth hormone levels) tested before taking the product and found an increase of 73%. His IGF-1 level went from 124 ng/ml to 215 ng/ml in only four weeks.

Questions That Were Not Fully Answered In Survey

The purpose in asking users to fill out the form was to confirm that our clients were receiving benefits with our ProBLEN homeopathic human growth hormone spray. As such, the implications that can be obtained from the results are limited. As mentioned previously this is not considered a scientific study for many reasons.

What about the people who did not return their forms, did they receive any benefits? Approximately one half of the respondents noted an increase in strength, are these respondents the only ones who were exercising? Would the number have been higher if all respondents had been in exercise programs to actually test their strength? Only one respondent noted an increase in bone density. This customer had bone density testing done, the others did not have bone density testing done so they did not know whether their bone density improved.

75% of the respondents noted an increase in sexual function. We do not know if the other respondents were sexually active. If they were not sexually active then they could not notice an improvement in sexual function.

38% of all respondents reported an improvement in skin dryness, however, 85% of the female respondents reported an improvement in skin dryness. Do men not notice their skin texture as much, or does the product work better in this regard for women?

What about those who did not report an improvement in the rate of healing, was that because they had no injury that needed healing? If they had no injury or illness during this time, they could not evaluate their rate of healing.

The immune system and resistance to infection are hard to evaluate over a short amount of time. Unless the respondent had numerous infections before the product was started, and then while taking the product saw those infections decrease, he/she could not notice this benefit.

What about other benefits the respondents may have received, yet were not asked about?

Even though the information received in this survey was limited we feel the survey was valuable in confirming that the majority of clients do receive benefits when taking our product.

The Raw Data from our HGH customer survey.

*Our Independent, Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled IGF-1 Clinical Studies

The Progress Reports of Clients Taking Our ProBLEN HGH Sprays


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