Homeopathic HGH - Concepts For Effectiveness

Article by Lloyd M. Guderjohn, M.S.

Most of our information comes from the book Feeling Younger With HGH, by Howard Davis, Ph,D. This information is not intended to be used in any way as medical advice. The accounts of HGH benefits are from people who refer to themselves as having "normal health". These reported benefits include:

  1. more energy and less fatigue
  2. improved results from weight loss and exercise programs
  3. faster healing and recovery time from injuries and illness
  4. improved libido

HGH is produced by the pituitary gland, situated inside your head at the base of the brain. It regulates growth in children. When the body's skeletal structure reaches full size in the early twenties HGH production decreases, reaching a low of 10% to 15% of that produced during the "growing up" years, as a person slides into middle age.

However, research demonstrates the importance of HGH for replacement of cells damaged or destroyed as a result of disease, injury, and the normal wear and tear of living. Fitness and anti-aging gurus have been promoting the use of supplemental HGH since the 1960's. As injections of HGH cost $1500 or more, the main users have been the ultra-wealthy and movie stars, eager to maintain a youthful appearance and vigor.

The development of bio-engineered HGH in 1985 has made it more widely available, and the introduction of homeopathic HGH has brought the cost down considerably. This is because the homeopathic approach consists of minutes quantities of a treatment substance (in this case HGH) in an alcohol or glycerin base. This is supposed to stimulate your body into producing the rest of what is needed. It might be compared to giving your car a "jump start".

The best results from HGH have been reported by people who are already on fitness or weight loss programs, and are committed to a healthy diet. Those who remain addicted to smoking, excessive drinking, and junk food seem to benefit to the extent that their physical condition will not deteriorate as rapidly while using HGH.

Mainstream medicine has quite a problem with homeopathic concepts. It is difficult to credit minute amounts of a substance like HGH with having any noticeable effect on the body. Homeopathic HGH users insist they are getting the same benefits as injectable HGH users, according to Dr. Davis. To their insistence, orthodox medicine responds with the words "placebo effect". We suggest the reader use homeopathic HGH for several months before reading the Davis book. Then compare your results (without preconceived expectations) with more than thirty benefits listed in the book. This should help us to address the "placebo effect" issue.

Since homeopathic medicine has been providing virtually risk free remedies for over 200 years, it seems an ideal way to present the benefits of HGH to those who are interested.

Lloyd Guderjohn, M.S.


The article above was written by Mr. Lloyd Guderjohn, M.S. I have had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Guderjohn by phone several times. He had written this article before I got to know him and he sent it to me to read. I was impressed with the article and he gave us permission to send it to our newsletter subscribers and post it on our site.

Mr. Guderjohn is a speech therapist, an author, and he is also very knowledgeable in the area of homeopathy. He had been looking for a high quality homeopathic HGH product to take himself. He had already tried other products and decided to give our HGH Plus product a try. He has now been taking our product for awhile and is very happy with the results.

Lisa Wells, RN

March 2009

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