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About HGH Patches


HGH PatchesThere are skin patches on the market which are claimed to increase growth hormone in the body. These products may contain herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and/or homeopathic HGH.

The sellers may claim their product is the same as, or is better than the sublingual (under the tongue) sprays, and they say patches are much more convenient to take than sprays. Patches may be more convenient but they are not better than legitimate FDA registered homeopathic sprays.

Legitimate medical patches are used as a way to provide a constant and steady flow of the medication over a long period of time. The pituitary gland naturally releases human growth hormone in small spurts at various times throughout the day as needed, it does not release it constantly.

The pituitary gland spurts the HGH into the bloodstream and then it is quickly taken in by the liver. This causes the liver to release growth factors such as IGF-1. Giving the pituitary gland constant stimulation to release human growth hormone goes against the body's natural processes.

The body uses cycles. It has a certain time to release growth hormone, a certain time to work with the growth hormone, and a certain time to rest. For these reasons wearing a patch that constantly stimulates the pituitary gland or constantly delivers homeopathic HGH would not be the best choice.

We need to observe the body's natural feedback mechanism. The cell receptor sites need time to rest, they should not be forced to remain at a constant state of stimulation, which could occur by wearing a patch if it was actually effective. I reiterate that patches are intended to provide a constant flow of the ingredients while it is worn.

Our sublingual products are cycled, and we also recommend they be taken around the times the pituitary gland is known to naturally release and work with HGH, which is upon awaking, with exercise or strenuous activity, and at the beginning of deep slow-wave sleep.

The optimum therapy is that which is the most similar to what the body does naturally so I see no medical reason why any type of patch would be better than sublingual sprays that are taken at various times to align with the body's natural time of growth hormone release and use.

In my opinion the sublingual route is also better than any topical route because the mucous membrane under the tongue is very thin and blood rich so the ingredients enter the bloodstream more quickly and completely. The main purpose of the skin on the body is to keep things out and to protect what is underneath it.

Lisa Wells, RN

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