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In the book "Feeling Younger With Homeopathic HGH" Dr. Howard Davis states that many people taking homeopathic HGH spray have reported the same benefits as those taking the injections, but their benefits are being obtained:

  • HGH Sprayswithout having to inject themselves twice a day,
  • at a substantially lower cost,
  • and without the possible side effects a non-homeopathic dose could produce.

Dr. Davis also states in his book that Mr. Howard Turney, who took the HGH injections longer than any known adult, and who is known as "the father of human growth hormone" changed from the injections to homeopathic HGH spray.

Yes, it is true that homeopathic HGH spray is safe, affordable, and very effective, yet some selling the pill products and others who sell black market and fake HGH injections, as well as some of the anti-aging clinics who want to sell you the injections themselves will claim that only injections of human growth hormone are effective.

The president of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine himself states that most people do not need HGH injections. He recommends we take non-injection HGH products to help increase the human growth hormone released by our own pituitary gland.

He is against people taking the injections if they have a functioning pituitary gland that can be helped to produce and release more of its own HGH.

Please keep in mind, if those offering injections did admit that homeopathic HGH is effective, they would lose much of their business.

Many people would rather not inject themselves twice a day and make themselves dependent upon an artificial hormone for their body's supply of human growth hormone if they knew they could receive very good results from a much safer and more affordable homeopathic product.

Those who take injections may become dependant upon those injections because their pituitary gland will no longer need to supply the same amount of HGH, and so it can become lazy and even atrophied.

Why begin that process now, if you still have a healthy pituitary gland that is fully capable of releasing plenty of HGH with a little help from a safe and proven homeopathic product? Homeopathic products will not make the pituitary gland lazy or atrophied but instead helps to improve its health and function.

Make Sure the Product You Take is Real Homeopathic HGH

Please be aware that not all spray products are homeopathic, and not all contain actual homeopathic human growth hormone. Some sprays only contain homeopathic amounts of vitamins, herbs, and amino acids.

On the other hand, some spray products are homeopathic yet their sellers want you to believe they are not homeopathic but are like the injections.. Please see "Claims About Sprays Not Being Homeopathic" for more about this.

Lisa Wells, RN

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