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HGH and High Blood Pressure

Over the past 14 years I have had a good many reports from my clients telling me that they have seen improvements with their blood pressure while taking our homeopathic HGH products, I am very happy about these reports, however, I must add that I always recommend everyone consult their private physician before taking any type of HGH therapy.

At the HGH-Pro site I speak about taking HGH products if you have health conditions, including high blood pressure.

I explain that improving human growth hormone in the body to a more healthy level has been shown to strengthen the cardiovascular system and help stabilize the blood pressure. Again, those with hypertension should consult their private physician before taking our product or any growth hormone therapy.

Anyone who is taking medication for hypertension should monitor their blood pressure closely while on any HGH therapy, especially during the first few months.

If the HGH therapy does help to stabilize and decrease a patient's blood pressure, yet the patient is still taking the same dose of blood pressure medication, there is a chance the patient's blood pressure may possibly become low and the patient could become hypotensive. In this case the patient's doctor may need to decrease his/her BP medication.

Some common symptoms of hypotension (low blood pressure) are feeling faint, feeling weak or becoming dizzy, especially upon standing. Anyone taking HGH therapy while taking blood pressure medication should discontinue their HGH therapy and contact their doctor immediately if they notice any of these symptoms, and they should not re-start the HGH therapy until their doctor approves its use again.

Effective HGH therapy may help to stabilize a patient's blood pressure; if so, their doctor may need to decrease or even discontinue their BP medication.

I have never had a client report any problems associated with blood pressure while taking our homeopathic HGH products, however, as a nurse I do always ere on the side of safety.

Lisa Wells, RN

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