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Human Growth Hormone Clinical Research

hgh researchHuman growth hormone is the first substance that has been clinically proven to reverse the effects of aging.

It is the only age reversing drug that has passed double-blind placebo-controlled clinical studies.

The average life expectancy is expected to increase due to advances in medicine, and now that human growth hormone supplementation is at the forefront of anti-aging research, the average life expectancy may soon be up to 130 years!


Dr. Daniel Rudman's Ground Breaking HGH Clinical Study

In 1990 research studies done by Dr. Daniel Rudman, an endocrinologist from Madison, Wisconsin, shocked the scientific and medical communities.

The results of his studies were published in "The New England Journal of Medicine". Dr. Rudman's volunteers who participated in the studies had an average age of 71 years.

In Dr. Rudman's double-blind placebo study the patients who were taking HGH saw what appeared to be a reversal of the aging process of 10 to 20 years.

The patients in the study who did not receive growth hormone, but received a placebo, showed no age reversal, they continued to age normally.

Human growth hormone is required in order for the body to heal and rejuvenate itself, it restores shrinking cells back to their normal size, however, it declines at a rate of about 14% per decade after the age of 21 to 30.


Growth Hormone Deficiency Age Related

The American Association of Clinical Endocrinology and the American College of Endocrinology have suggested that growth hormone deficiency is age-related, and is defined by symptoms which include fatigue, increased weight and abdominal obesity, a decrease in muscle mass, and an increase in fat, a decrease in physical strength, a decrease in restful sleep, an impairment of the sense of well being, a decrease in exercise capacity and physical performance, and reduced cardiac output.

Today, we have the results of additional clinical studies supporting the idea that improving HGH in adults can reverse the aging process.

Lisa Wells, RN


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