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Hi, Love your HGH - I have many improvements in overall health!

Bonnie Rivenbark

Two weeks ago I ordered two bottles of your homeopathic human growth hormone. Today I called to be put on autoship. I noticed the effects on the first day. By the third day I was experiencing an unmistakable and very pleasant sense of calmness, mental clarity and emotional well-being.

I researched all of the products on the market before ordering from you. In terms of product quality, efficacy and price, I truly believe your products are the best available.

Michael Trusty

I am 56 (10/23/45) and my husband is 65 (9/25/37). We take a lot of supplements and work out. My husband has always been in hospitality management and works for the school board now, and I am a Certified Financial Planner/stock broker with Morgan Stanley.

The horrible stock market had caused me to nervously and uncontrollably eat so much chocolate that I had gained about 15 pounds. I am certainly able to control eating better now because of the human growth hormone.

Linda and Ed Cain

This product surpassed expectations. You have saved my military career by helping me lose weight. I did modify the dosage, 5 days on 2 days off, it worked wonders. Thanks. Rik

Richard Morgan

My daughter and son-in-law love it! They have so much energy, and their mood is better. My daughter started feeling it in just a few days. My son-in- law's mustache is getting darker, his friends think he is using Grecian Hair Formula to darken his mustache!

Elsie Ivy and Family

I 'm glad that everything went well with my order. Other than that, I have been your loyal customer for 10 years because I feel that your products are very good, make my body work better.

Ruby Karyadi - HGH (2003 - 2007), HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 (2007 to present), Estrogen & Progesterone

Hi Lisa, I've received the HGH and I have now been taking it for two days now. I gave my mother the spare bottle, and she has already seen results!! I'm keeping a daily progress log as I know you like to hear how HGH benefits the people you send it to.

Awesome product, you're doing a great service to the people. Thanks again.

Rachel Lanz and mom

The body fat results are in! In November I measured at 15.2%. In February I measured 14.8%. This is HGH and exercise. Our abdomens are flatter now also. My wife and I are definitely sick less, especially during the winter. Also, my wife's bone density test came back with results of a 25 year old. She is 40 years old!

Glen Grider and Wife

This is my third order and I am still seeing and feeling the great results! I am so glad I tried ProBLEN.

Pamela D. Houser

Hi! I told you I'd let you know when I start to see some benefits from your HGH product so here goes:

  • My blood pressure dropped to 117/79. I check it every day for my doctor and it's been well within the normal range for the past couple of weeks. My blood pressure has been on the high side for the past few years and my doctor was considering putting me on medication. Now he'll probably run some test on me to figure out why it's normal.
  • My depression is gone. I've always been prone to depression and have been on medications for depression but nothing really helped much. Now my depression is just gone.
  • I quit smoking on June 28 at 8 PM.(something I could never do before) Now I have tons of energy and often wake up in the morning before my alarm goes off and I don't take naps at lunchtime anymore (at work).
  • I'm not sure about my libido though. I am married and she's going through menopause and, well, she just doesn't want me around for the most part but when I"m at work and an attractive woman is within my line of sight, well, she gets my full attention now. I never used to pay much attention to the ladies there but now they just look soooo good but I haven't felt the need to step out on my wife but the urge is definitely there.
  • I've noticed that my right side burn is no longer gray but a light brown now. My left side burn is still gray but it may have been more gray than the right one to begin with.
  • I have a full head of hair or the hair I've lost isn't noticeable but when I sit at my desk I sometimes rest my arm over the top of my head as I'm thinking. Well today I felt a bunch of short stiff hairs sticking my arm so I checked in my mirror and I have a bunch of 1 to 1/12 inch hairs sticking straight up. Maybe they're just going through their cycle but I've never noticed it before now.

My wife does not know I'm taking your HGH product but she has commented on what a good mood I've been in lately and that's definitely a plus. I do have something I need to ask you: Is it possible that your product can help repair damaged lung tissue? I did smoke for 35 years before I finally quit for good so I need all the help I can get to try to restore them to some degree. Have you ever heard of it happening with human growth hormone? If not, I hope you offer a product that supports pulmonary function.

Additionally I have not been diagnosed with any lung disorder, just a lot of congestion when I used to smoke. So I"m letting you know that your product does work for me and I'm very happy about it. I'm sure you have plenty of e-mail to go through so I won't take up all your time. It looks like you'll have me for a customer for a long time so you better stick around! A lot of people are depending on you! You're more than welcome to use this testimonial, including my full name and address in any way you see fit. Thank you Lisa!

Lawrence Bilida

I have been taking ProBLEN human growth hormone since Dec 12 and I can certainly tell the difference in workouts and overall health. In fact I just got the first successful physical I have had in 5 years with one exception; my LDL was 125.

Of course these results are probably due to a blend of factors (ie exercise, eating right etc.) and taking ProBLEN Homeopathic HGH & Libido according to directions.

Next I hope to get off the blood pressure medicine. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

Lynn Lenard

Just wanted to let you know i really like your product. I seems to help with muscle tone. Have a little more energy, also.

Ernest Spurlock

I was trying to remember how long we have been taking your human growth hormone spray. My guess is 7-9 months give or take. I took some tablets for a month before I started the spray. I was keeping a weekly log on my home computer, but haven't updated for probably 6 weeks.

Here is our progress and I certainly welcome your feedback: I think I will e-mail you a copy of my log. Overall, there have been excellent results, including better sleep, a calmer attitude, which enabled me to break my extreme chocolate habit. I was literally eating 2 1/2 lbs at least per week of chocolate. Consequently I lost about 16 pounds.

My fingernails, which were peeling and not growing, started to grow. I do not have gray hair, but have noticed a darkening of my hair and my eyebrows. There are other observances, also. Overall, it has been terrific!

See Linda and Ed's personal journal of HGH progress.

Linda and Ed Cain

Very happy with the HGH. I am trying the HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 and Testosterone products now.

Vincent J.


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