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The Truth About HGH Products


The anti-aging era has arrived, and with it comes numerous human growth hormone products and supplements.

Those selling injections claim the sprays and pills do not work. Those selling pills claim the sprays do not work, and those selling sprays claim the pills do not work.

It can be very confusing trying to understand all the online information being given by people with various backgrounds and many with no medical education. It can be hard to know what to believe and what is the truth.

Some Claim Only the Injections Are Effective!

Some anti-aging clinics will tell you that the only effective treatment is by injection. However, Dr. Ronald Klatz, president of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and other prominent anti-aging and fitness doctors and researchers disagree.

Those prescribing and selling human growth hormone injections in their offices know they can lose many customers and patients if people try a good non-injection product so I don't expect them to recommend their competitor, however, by boasting that only their injections are effective they are disagreeing with the main authorities in this field.

Those making this claim are really just exposing their lack of knowledge or their willingness to give false information in order to make sales.

They love to use statements made by Dr. Klatz about the injections to their benefit yet they completely ignore his statements such as:

"If you are like one-third of the older population and are severely deficient in human growth hormone, then HGH therapy with the injections is for you. But if like 2/3 of the over 45 population you are still making small, if declining amounts of human growth hormone you can achieve the same effect at a fraction of the cost using prescription drugs or nutrients from the health food store to stimulate greater release of your endogenous internally produced growth hormone. And you can do it safely, effectively, and economically."

Ronald Klatz, MD, in his best selling book Grow Young With HGH.

*In February and March 2007 pharmacies and anti-aging clinics were raided and the pharmacists and doctors were arrested for prescribing and selling human growth hormone injections online. These are the types who claim that only the injections are effective.

Doctors Arrested For Prescribing HGH Injections Online

Which HGH Product Is Best?

The effectiveness of any human growth hormone product can be measured with IGF-1 clinical studies yet proper, randomized double-blind placebo-controlled IGF-1 clinical studies have not been done on the vast majority of non-injection products being sold today, including those that are heavily advertised, those that claim to be best, and those that have paid celebrities vouching for them.

Back in the 1990's when we introduced our first product many people wouldn't consider taking a product that had not been clinically tested to measure effectiveness.

Today however, a company using heavy advertising and claims can put together a few amino acids and vitamins and it will sell, even though they have no clinical evidence whatsoever that their product works.

Please remember this: No big claims or paid celebrity endorsements can take the place of independent double-blind placebo IGF-1 clinical studies that measure effectiveness and our IGF-1 clinical results are the best.


HGH Products That Are Effective