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Testosterone Frequently Asked Questions

ProBLEN Testosterone Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions I have received from those either taking this product or interested in it, along with my responses.

Lisa Wells, RN


How much can your Testosterone spray boost T levels, a small amount or a significant amount?

Every person will respond in their own way. We have had reports from men who said their total T was pretty low, (300's to 500's) and our product was able to improve their levels to the point where they decided (with their doctors) that they did not need to take prescription the testosterone hormone replacement therapy at that time.

I don't know of a certain number to tell you but I doubt our product would be able to increase someone's total testosterone level that is 200 up to 1000 in just one to three months. In fact, I would expect that it would be hard for even prescription T therapy to increase a 200 level to 1000 in one month without much of it being converted into estrogen along with an increase in DHT. I am just estimating here, but our product might be able to raise a 200 level to 500 – 600 over the first few months. It would and should be a steady increase over time.


I'm 28 years old and I have some of the symptoms of low testosterone. Would you recommend taking this, even in like half doses since I am younger than the recommended 30 years old or would just your HGH Plus with velvet deer antler be enough?

If you have had your testosterone level checked and it is low for your age, but is not low enough to warrant prescription testosterone then I would recommend our ProBLEN Testosterone product, which is a safe FDA registered homeopathic product, if your doctor approves.

From what I have gathered from conversations with male clients who had been diagnosed with low testosterone the HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 with velvet deer antler helped to improve their testosterone some, and also gave them other benefits, however, when they added the Testosterone product they saw greater improvements in their testosterone levels.


I have been on prescription testosterone shots for over 5 years. Will it be safe for me to take both my shots and your product? I would hesitate to discontinue my shots, as the symptoms are quite discomforting (when I go more than 13 days between shots).

Also, would it be possible to eliminate the prescription by using your Testosterone product?

Our product works with the body. It does not give the body all the testosterone it needs. Prescription testosterone is a full hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and so can shut down the body's own release of T. Our product is homeopathic, it provides a small amount of testosterone in homeopathic form and also helps the body to increase and balance its own release of the hormone.

We do have clients who take our product while they are trying to wean off prescription T with their doctor's guidance and we have heard positive reports from clients.

As you stated, you would not want to stop your injections abruptly. Since you have been on the injections for 5 years you are probably not making much endogenous testosterone so I recommend you speak with your doctor about the possibility of trying to wean off.

Regarding taking our product along with your injections, you should consult your doctor about that. If you do take both together you will want to monitor your level and if you see your testosterone level increasing your doctor may be willing to start slowly decreasing your dose of injections.


Will the product bring my testosterone levels up to optimal?

I cannot know this for sure because it depends on how your body responds to the formula. However, most who take this product as directed for a few months do see good improvements in their levels. Depending on how low your T level is and various other issues, it might take longer than three months for your level to show a substantial improvement, since the product does not provide full hormone replacement but works naturally with the body.


Is there a cut off point to how much your product can raise T levels, a point to where it just won't raise it anymore?

Because the product is homeopathic it won't raise the blood level above what is optimum for each individual.


What would your product raise my low T level to if I go off the prescription testosterone injections I am on now?

Our product might be able to raise your level some, but only after you have been slowly weaned off the injections and your body has had time to adjust to not having all its testosterone provided for it. Once the injections are stopped your T level may drop substantially, especially if you stop them all at once. Our product may help to decrease the severity of that drop but please understand you would be going from a full hormone replacement product, which has been giving you all the testosterone you need, to a homeopathic product that will need to work with your body and have it make more of its own hormone also.

Most of the men who take our product have not been taking prescription testosterone replacement and so their body is ready to work with the product. They can see good improvements within one to three months. Some have reported their levels increasing from around 200 to around 400 in the first three months.

For the men who have been on prescription testosterone HRT for years our product might not be able to bring their testosterone level up enough. This might be because the body hadn't needed to make any T for so long that it may have forgotten how to make it, or else the stimulating hormone that calls for the release of T is not made any longer.


*This page that went live on May 26, 2017. I will be adding more questions and answers as time permits. If you can't find the answer to your question about our product please go to the top of this page and click on "Contact Us" and send in your question. I will be happy to do my best to answer it for you.



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