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These questions related to taking our human growth hormone products were posted in our old forums, along with my reply to each post. Since I thought they may be beneficial to others I have moved them here. All responses to the questions were written by myself.

Lisa Wells, RN

How Long Should I Take Your Product?

Question: What is the amount of time that I should take your HGH or HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 product? Should I take periods of time off?

Answer: Our homeopathic products may be taken for as long as you feel you need them. We do recommend cycling if you will be taking them consecutively for more than three months. Our dosage instructions are found at this URL:

ProBLEN HGH Dosage Instructions

Once our clients are receiving good benefits and they feel that their therapy has become maintenance some will decrease their dose. Some will begin taking half the recommended daily dose, and we have a few who take only two sprays a day. If you are able to sustain your desired benefits while taking less than the recommended dose that is fine.

What Happens if I Stop Taking HGH?

Question: What will happen when I stop your product?

Answer: You may discontinue our homeopathic product at any time and you should not experience a rebound effect like you might experience when stopping the injections. However, since we cannot stop the aging process, as the effects of the product slowly wear off the benefits may begin to regress.

Of course this depends on the person's age; a person in their 30's should retain the benefits better than a person in their 60's.

Some of our clients take our product for several months or perhaps a year and when they are doing well they discontinue the product. They begin taking the product again once they feel they need it again.

Some may not feel the need to start the product again for a year or more, it just depends on the individual, their age, what benefits they are looking to receive, and how their body responds.

Should I Cycle and What if I Discontinue Your Product?

Question: Do I need to "cycle" your product as one needs to with steroids? If I stop taking your product will my body's natural HGH production go down? After the initial three month loading phase, in which you take the product every day, you should begin cycling the product by taking it for six days and take each seventh day off. Also, after finishing each three month supply you should take about one week off, before starting your next three month cycle.

Answer: Detailed instructions about cycling are found on our dosage instructions page. That link is found on each product's page.

When you stop taking our product your pituitary gland should eventually return to its normal rate of HGH release, and then continue its normal decline as age progresses. As stated above in a previous question you should not experience a rebound effect where your HGH release drops drastically, which is what can happen if the injections are stopped abruptly.

Regarding Cycling our Products

Question: Your cycling instructions say to take only one week off after a three month cycle, does this cycle continue indefinitely? It seems like there would be some harm from taking it on a constant basis. Also - if/when you do stop taking it, will any of the benefits remain or are they linked directly to the elevated levels of hgh?

Answer: Yes, you should continue that cycle. Because our products are homeopathic they will not over stimulate the pituitary gland or decrease your own release of HGH. Because they are not stacks of amino acids they will not cause a nitrogen imbalance or damage the kidneys or liver. We also recommend cycling because when taking longterm the products seems to work better when the body has these days off.

Regarding stopping the product, once discontinued the benefits should not quickly disappear, especially if the person is health and fitness oriented, however, since age continues to progress, as the amount of HGH released by the pituitary gland begins to decline again, it will become harder to sustain the benefits.

Will HGH Give Women Male Characteristics?

Question: Will your HGH sprays deepen a woman's voice or cause her to grow facial hair?

Answer: No, our human growth hormone sprays will not cause a female to become more masculine. HGH is not a sex hormone, it is a major growth and repair hormone that is just as important for women as it is for men.

Can Pregnant Women Take HGH?

Question: I just started taking the hgh from your site yesterday. When can I expect to see results and what will they be? Can you take the hgh if you get pregnant?

Answer: Thanks for trying our product. Concerning benefits, the vast majority of people begin seeing benefits within one month, although some have told me that they noticed the difference after only a few days.

In these cases they usually noticed that they fell asleep easier and slept better than they had in a long time and they started dreaming again, which is a very positive sign that the product is working.

Of course it is an individual thing and depends on what benefits you are looking for and what condition you are in.

Please see this page for more specific information about the generalĀ expected benefits during the first six months of therapy with homeopathic HGH:

Regarding your question about taking HGH while pregnant:

Because clinical studies have not been done to prove the safety of any type of human growth hormone therapy during pregnancy women who are pregnant should not take any product without the consent of their OB/GYN doctor.

As you probably know, it is the same for any type of health supplement or medication. Pregnant women should not take any medications or supplements without their doctor's approval.

What Could I Expect From Your Product?

Question: I have just ordered three HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 bottles. I want to improve my health and become a better athlete. I am 20 years old and had trouble with growing in the early childhood. What could I expect from using your product?

Answer: First I would like to say that I always recommend those in your age group consult their private physician before taking our products or any type of HGH therapy.

Concerning the expected benefits, with our clients in general the first benefits usually seen in the first month are improved sleep with increased dreaming, better mood, an increase in energy and stamina, improved muscle tone, sharper thinking, improved memory, increased libido, and improvements in hair and skin.

Of course everyone is different and will respond in their own way. Some will see other benefits; some will see more, and some will see less.

With you being 20 years old obviously you may not need improvements in some of these areas.

I know that other clients have received the kind of benefits you are hoping to receive, so if your doctor approves of you taking the product hopefully it will work very well for you also.

Follow-up question: Thanks for getting back to my question so quick Lisa. Also, thank you for the information and I'm looking forward to using your product. I would ask for more info on how to use the product but I think that if I browse and read a little more I'll find out everything I need to know. Once again thank you for your help.

Follow-up answer: Regarding how to take our product, please see our page of dosage instructions. That link is found on the product's page.

Have I Become Immune to ProBLEN HGH?

Question: I used to use your HGH (Just the regular hgh spray) and I experienced most of the benefits mentioned in your web pages. This was 2-3 years ago. Now I've started using the product again, and nothing seems to be happening. It's only been a month really, so maybe I should wait a bit longer before moaning, but is this a known issue? i.e. becoming immune to it over time if you stop using it and then return to it.

Answer: The formula of our original HGH product is the exact same as it was 2-3 years ago, so the fact that you took our original product at that time and it worked well should have nothing to do with the fact that you have started taking it again and in the first month it seems to not be working the same as it did previously.

Of course I cannot know for sure what is going on with your body, however, it has been 2-3 years, so it may be that this time your body is first focusing on areas where the benefits are not as easily noticed.

For instance, those who have high cholesterol, an immune system that needs boosting, low thyroid hormone, diabetes, etc., will usually see improvements in these areas before they see improvements in the usual anti-aging areas.

In case you have not read our detailed dosage instructions I would like for you to please read those pages. See that link above.

I would also like to direct you to our page about homeopathic side effects.

This page explains what can happen when taking homeopathic human growth hormone and how the body may respond during the beginning of the therapy.

Lastly, please read about the expected benefits during the first six months of therapy. Please keep in mind that every person is different and will respond in their own way. Those who have health issues may see the usual benefits delayed while the body focuses on what it feels is the most important to its health and wellbeing.

Even those with no health issues may find that their benefits are not exactly as is described on that page. Some may experience more benefits and some may experience less during the first six months, and some may notice other benefits that are not even listed.

I hope this helps, if you have more questions please let me know.

Can HGH Plus Cause Panic Attack?

Question: Could you please tell me why do I get panic attack when i use HGH plus IGF-1 & IGF-2? Is there anything to do HGH plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 with panic attack? I really like the product it give me really good pump in Gym.

Answer: I have never heard of this happening with any of our products. There are no stimulants in the product. Can you tell me when this happens, how long after you take the product? Does it only happen during or after your workout and not after your other doses in the AM and at bedtime?

Follow-up question: after about seven days, it happened bedtime. Is it normal I got muscle pain and I felt muscle getting so hard after Gym?

Follow-up answer: No, it is not normal for you to have muscle pain when taking the product. The only reason you might have pain is if you are working out too hard and so you are causing muscle spasms.

The product should help you to sleep better if the two sprays are taken immediately before you try to go to sleep and it should never cause panic attacks. If this continues to happen then I recommend you stop the product, since I cannot know for sure what is going on.

Follow-up question: Do you think I should try one spray a day?

Follow-up answer: You could try that. Try taking one or two sprays when you first awake for a few days and don't take any before your workout or at bedtime and see if that helps.

Another poster comment: I've started to get panic attacks a long time before I've ever got to start with HGH and after I did started with HGH I've never seen a difference in frequency or severity of panic attacks so I doubt HGH has anything to do with it (at least for me).

Injecting HGH

Question: Hi, I was wondering if the hgh homeopathic spray could be injected into the bloodstream with a needle instead of spraying it under the tongue and if it can what dosage should you use and is it safe to do this? Would it possibly be more effective?

Answer: No, it would absolutely not be safe to inject our sprays or any products that are not meant for injection.

Drugs that are made for injection follow a different manufacturing process because they are injected directly into the bloodstream. For instance, drugs for injection can contain only certain ingredients and if they are multiple dose they must contain a preservative that is safe for injection.

Please be aware that injection is not needed for homeopathic HGH and it would not make the product more effective. Properly made homeopathic sprays are absorbed very well under the tongue.


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