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Below you will find some questions that have been asked by our customers and forum members about shipping our products to various countries, along with our responses. Those with shipping questions may find information here or on our shipping policy page that could be helpful, but if not please click on Contact Us in the top menu and send us your question. We will answer it promptly.

Lisa Wells, RN

Shipping Prices and Policy

Shipping to Australia

Question: I am considering taking HGH in homeopathic form as well as your combo products. Are you able to ship to Australia? I am an asthmatic on Seretide daily and have arthritis - will HGH assist in the reduction of medication use.

Answer: We have shipped all our products to Australia for many years. However, beginning in January 2017 we began to have our packages seized and destroyed. Some packages do get through, depending on which of our products they contain, but our HGH products are seized more than the others.

Due to this development we sadly now must require our Australian customers to agree to our shipping policy before we will ship their order. We do strongly recommend all Australian customers who agree to follow our policy get a note or prescription for the product from their doctor and send a copy to us and we will place it in the package, in the hopes that it might help in case it is stopped by customs.

Shipping to Singapore

Question: Would like to find out if its legal to ship your products to Singapore?

Answer: From what I read at the Singapore HSA web site homeopathic medicines are legal. We have been shipping to your country for many years now without problems.

Shipping to Canada

Question: I have tried to get hgh before from a US source shipped though USPS and Canada Customs just stole it without giving any notice.

On a different occasion a computer was shipped though UPS and they added custom broker fees in the hundreds of dollars for something that is supposed to be duty free.

With these types of problems, is there a set up where HGH Plus can be shipped from a Canadian source or a Canadian re-shipper and avoid the rip offs?

Answer: I am sorry to hear about what happened when you ordered an HGH product from another source.

We ship to Canada almost daily and we have Canadian clients who have been taking our products for many years. Of course when shipping to any country outside the United States we can never guarantee delivery. If a package being shipped to any country is returned to us, we will offer to either ship another package or give a refund of the purchase price, which is the customer's choice. We have not had any problems with your customs to this point but please read our shipping policy before ordering.

Regarding selling our HGH Plus product from inside Canada, we are looking into the possibility. It will depend on whether Canada will allow products containing homeopathic human growth hormone to be sold inside their borders. Even though the HGH contained in our product is homeopathic, it seems that some customs still see it as a controlled substance.

We do ship a small supply of HGH Plus to customers in other countries for "personal use", but I believe customs allowing a store or a re-seller to import large quantities to sell would be another matter.

I would like to say that I am not an authority on importing/exporting, our shipping department takes care of shipping and customs issues.

We do already have many Canadian customers and we would like to make it as easy and as economical as possible for them, and for new customers to obtain our products, so if possible we may offer our products inside Canada in the future.

Follow-up question: I am a retired Canada Custom's officer and HGH is on the prohibited list of the Food and Drug Act. Therefore when Customs officers see HGH they must confiscate it.

As for the homeopathic version of the drug the company would require an approval number from the Food and Drug branch of the Federal Government of Canada.

I know that this process is sometimes long, but once done could be beneficial to your company and it's clients in Canada.

Best of luck, and hope that you pursue this avenue.

Where to Purchase in Canada

Question: How does one go about buying your product in Canada? Thanks!

Answer: Our products are not sold from inside Canada at this time, however, we ship there almost daily and we haven't had any problems that I am aware of.

It may be that Canadian customs now recognizes our products as being legitimate FDA registered "over the counter" homeopathic products and they know the difference between HGH injections and homeopathic products.

We offer USPS Priority shipping that usually takes 4-10 business days and we also offer USPS Express, which should arrive in your customs in 1-2 business days and is usually delivered to the customer in 2-5 business days.

Of course there are always exceptions when a package has to clear any customs, especially during the busy holiday season.

If you wish to order our products please click the link below. After you input your address you will see your choices for shipping to Canada.

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