HGH False Claims and Scams

There has always been conflicting information regarding human growth hormone and the products being offered for sale. I have been in this business since 1999 and so I have heard about all of it.

Below I have listed several of the most common false claims and scams that may be used to sell products.

Alcohol kills the HGH and so all products that contain alcohol are useless.

This is not true. High quality homeopathic sprays contain a small amount of organic vegetable alcohol because it plays a role in the potency and stability of the homeopathic formula. It does not render the formula useless as some competitors claim.

Alcohol is used to hold the frequency of the substance stable according to the HPUS (the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States), which is the official homeopathic manufacturing manual recognized by the U.S. FDA.

Alcohol also maximizes efficacy, allows for quicker absorption into the body, and helps to minimize the possibility of contamination. Various types of other health products, such as liquid cold preparations, also use alcohol in their formulas.

We are not dumping a vial of HGH injection into a jug of alcohol, as competitors try to make it sound. The total amount of spray one receives each day is only 1 ml (1cc) divided into 3 dose times. Of this 1 ml only 20% is made up of alcohol, the other 80% is made up of active ingredients and water so the amount of alcohol received per day is actually only a few drops.

If alcohol was not needed in a homeopathic formula it would not be used. Why would any pharmaceutical company include an ingredient that would damage the formula? Also, it would be cheaper to use only water. The small amount of alcohol is used for a reason.

Our product contains all 191 amino acids.

Only the human growth hormone molecule itself is made up of 191 amino acids so this claim makes no sense. It may be that the seller wants customers to think that his product contains doses of all those 191 amino acids, which could not be true and wouldn't work anyway. Some homeopathic products such as ours do use human growth hormone in their formulas so in their way of thinking all products that contain homeopathic HGH contain all 191 amino acids!

Our product is best because of the way it is packaged.

Some claim their product is best because of the color of the bottle, the type of spray apparatus they use, etc. This is a clear example of sellers looking for something to help sell their products when they have no clinical studies to show. If a product is shown to increase blood IGF-1 levels the most in independent clinical studies (IGF-1 blood tests measure the increase of HGH in the body), then the packaging of that product must be correct!

HGH products can overstimulate the pituitary gland.

Large amounts of amino acids could possibly overstimulate the pituitary gland. In fact, the pituitary gland seems to become resistant to the effects of large doses of amino acids. For more information see our page about the HGH releasers. Homeopathic products will not overstimulate or burn out the pituitary gland. In over 200 years homeopathy has never caused harm.

Any product that contains human growth hormone will make the pituitary gland lazy and not function properly.

Only the injections can deliver a full day's dose of growth hormone without the need of help from the pituitary gland. If we are getting all we need from an outside source the pituitary gland will not need to make it and so can become lazy. This does not happen with homeopathic products, which work with the pituitary gland.

Our product is the only one that blocks somatostatin.

Somatostatin is a safety mechanism for the body that prevents the pituitary gland from releasing too much human growth hormone into the bloodstream, and some studies have shown that it can increase with aging.

The process of aging goes far beyond just somatostatin, and so in my opinion a product that focuses solely on somatostatin cannot be one of the more effective products. The aim of our HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 product is to help the body improve the entire human growth hormone process, and this includes what happens with somatostatin.

Our product is endorsed by medical professionals or celebrities.

I am a registered nurse of 36 years. Myself and many other medical professionals, including doctors, take our products and carry our products in their offices so we could just as easily make this claim.

Of course some companies pay for celebrity and/or doctor endorsements or testimonials. We do not pay for endorsements or testimonials. We have many testimonials by regular people who were not paid yet because our products worked for them so well they gave a testimonial anyway.

I have also heard of cases where some names of doctors were being used to sell certain products yet the doctor had never heard of the product he supposedly endorsed. This could be the seller adding the doctor's name to a web site without his/her permission, or it could be that the doctor's business manager sold the use of his/her name to a company but the doctor had not been notified of the arrangement.


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