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Lisa Wells, RN

HGH Plus and DHEA

Question: I've been taking 25 to 50 mg of DHEA per day for several months. Is it wise or needed to continue taking it with the HGH Plus IGF-1?

I'm only taking the HGH at night before bed because it's difficult for me to take it properly three times a day. Is this still beneficial?

I read somewhere on your site of the most effective ways to take HGH but now I can't find it. Can you please give me this info?

I do believe it is good to supplement DHEA as part of overall anti-aging, even when on HGH therapy, since DHEA is the master hormone and it also declines with age. Some doctors recommend taking DHEA every other day, which is what I do.

Answer: HGH Plus should still be beneficial when taking it at night only, however, I wouldn't expect you to see near as many benefits as you should see if you were able to take it at least twice a day.

I do have some clients who find it hard to take three doses a day. In these cases I recommend that instead of taking two sprays three times a day, take three sprays twice a day, one dose in the morning and one dose at bedtime.

If you can keep your bottle of HGH Plus at your bedside, in an area where you will see it and be reminded, and take your first three sprays when you first awake in the morning, and then take your next three sprays last thing before you go to sleep.

I recommend you continue to try to remember to take the afternoon dose also. If you remember, go ahead and take two sprays at that time, and then take only two sprays at bedtime on the days you do take the afternoon dose. Taking an extra spray will not hurt.

You can find the link to our dosage instructions located on the page about the product.

How Much IGF-1 in HGH Plus?

Question: I was reading the product information for HGH Plus and, thought it says it contains IGF-1, many products who make the same claim will actually have somewhere around 17.5 ng's in a single serving (an insignificant dose). I was hoping someone could tell me how much IGF-1 is in a single serving of this product. Thanks very much.

Answer: Our HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 product and all effective products that contain IGF-1 (or HGH) contain homeopathic amounts of that source only. Our product contains rDNA IGF-1 12X, rDNA IGF-2 12X, and it also contains velvet deer antler 6X, which is the best known natural source of IGF-1, IGF-2, and several other important growth factors.

You are asking for the dose in measurements of grams, milligrams, nanograms, etc., which are allopathic pharmaceutical measurements, for a homeopathic product. Allopathic and homeopathic are two entirely different types of medicine and so their measurements of ingredients cannot be properly compared.

Legitimate homeopathics are not measured in nanograms so if you see a product that gives an amount in ngs you should move on, because you are correct, if the product only has 17 ng in it and has not gone through the proper homeopathic process it won't be able to do anything for you.

Proper homeopathic products use "potencies" to measure the ingredients in products. You will find much information about homeopathy and how it works beginning here:

Homeopathic HGH and IGF-1 Sprays

Does HGH Plus Contain Resveratrol?

Question: Resveratrol is that in one of your products under a different name or do you have other compounds that has the same effects? The use of Resveratrol studies has shown has the same effect as calorie restriction.

Answer: Our HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2 product does not contain Resveratrol. It contains human growth hormone, IGF-1, velvet antler, pituitary extract and liver extract. It is an FDA registered homeopathic formula.

Resveratrol may be taken along with our products, for those who wish to take it.

Which Product is Recommended

Question: Hi Lisa. I'm kinda skinny which I suspect my body didn't adsorb the nutrients I ate, I always have diarrhea as well, which product will you recommend?

I read only hgh injection works, is that true? How about hgh energizer or releaser? Whats is the difference with these products?

Answer: First, I will answer your question about the injections. They are absolutely not the only way to increase HGH. We provide information about this on these pages:

Are Injections the Only Effective Human Growth Hormone Therapy?

HGH Injections vs Homeopathic HGH

Regarding the different types of products please see this page:

The Different Types of HGH Products Available

At the page above you will find links to pages that explain in detail about each type of product. Keep in mind that all the pill and powder products, anything that is taken and swallowed, are dietary supplements that contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and/or herbs and must be absorbed in the stomach. Our products are FDA registered homeopathic medicines. They are taken sublingually (under the tongue) and do not go through the digestive system.

Our Products Shelf Life

Question: What is the shelf life for your product once it's open and before it's been opened? If storing for a long time is it better to store in the refrig?

Answer: Once the bottle has been opened, it will remain good for several months if properly cared for. This means it should not be exposed to any electromagnetic fields such as X-rays, and it should not be exposed to extreme high heat or sub-freezing cold for a long period of time.

Also, the top on the bottle should be removed as little as possible, and the sprayer should not be touched, to help prevent contamination.

Unopened bottles are good for years, if properly cared for. Each bottle has an expiration date on it, and the bottles do not expire for several years, if unopened. Unopened bottles should also not be kept around electromagnetic fields and they should not be exposed to extreme heat over a period of time.

The bottles do not require refrigeration, however, if the room temperature is very hot, they can be refrigerated, but not placed in the freezer.

A few years ago UPS left a box of our products at a client's front door in Arizona, in the summer, directly in the sun. Due to this fact the client was worried that the bottles may not be good so she returned the bottles and we sent her new ones. We sent the bottles to our pharmaceutical lab and they checked the bottles, they said the bottles were fine. The temperature was about 100 degrees when the box was sitting at her door, but it was not hot enough to damage the product. One reason for this is the alcohol that is used, it helps to keep the solution stable. Of course I do not recommend placing the bottles in the sun or in 100 degree temperatures.

Weaning Off Testosterone Injections

Question: I love your HGH product and I believe that you will always keep the best formulas available and assist all of us who are trying to stay and even get a little younger and healthy. I will have my testosterone tested after three months of using you testosterone formula. Hopefully I can wean off of the bi-weekly shots.

Answer: Yes, you would need to slowly wean off the hormone replacement therapy of testosterone injections under your doctor's care, to give your body time to get used to not having all of its testosterone supplied for it.

Bringing our product into your therapy at the time you start to wean may make it easier for you to get off the injections and once you are off it should help to keep your levels more healthy and also help to keep your androgens balanced.

However, please be aware that if you have been taking full testosterone hormone replacement therapy for very long it may be too late to get your body to start releasing enough T again.

Dosage Instructions For All ProBLEN Products


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