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By Lisa Wells, RN

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Below are some of the questions we received at our old forums, along with my answers about how HGH may affect muscle, bone, and joint issues. I am thinking that these posts may contain some information that others might find helpful for so I transferred them to this main site. If you have any questions please click on "Customer Service" in the top menu.

Question: I stopped HGH injections and now I'm having muscle and joint pain. Will it stop when I begin taking the injections again?

I've been taking 2-3 IU daily of HGH by injection for four months..feel great..look good..am 65 yrs old. Now I had to stop due to a shipment that didn't arrive..now off for two weeks. I am noticing muscle and joint pain, and stiffness. I was wondering if that will diminish once I start up again.

Answer: Usually the side effects come when you are taking the injections. It is not natural to take an entire days worth of growth hormone in one or two doses and so that can cause side effects. However, you say that your side effects began after you stopped. How long after you stopped taking the injections did you first begin to notice the muscle and joint pain and stiffness?

Perhaps the side effects you are experiencing might possibly happen if your level was normal or just becoming high while you were taking it and now your level has quickly bottomed out due to no growth hormone, since the injections will shut down your body's own release of HGH.

Have you had your IGF-1 level checked recently?

Question: Can GH Cause bone deformities?

I recently started using Alpha GPC regularly for nootropic / smart drug effects. I knew it increased GH, but I did not realize how powerful it was. At almost 19, thinking I stunted my growth in the 9th grade, I grew a half inch or more. My girlfriend called it a growth spurt, I believed it.

Until the other night, I came home and realized how much larger my hands were. Particularly, the hand from the wrist to the pinkies are significantly larger, worryingly so.

In the right hand, there has been bruising, joint pain, and obvious "swelling". The joints connecting my pinky to my hand and the outside of my hand to my wrist are huge, too big for my hand. My joint has to overcome a mound as I move it up and down, so it gets slow at the middle then "pops" to the location.

Also, my left arm is tanner than my right (hyper-pigmentation), and my muscles seem larger and more toned than the other side.

My hand muscle sticks out like a beef patty now because of the increase in bone size, instead of angular and straight.

I was NOT informed enough to begin a GH regiment. I did not realize that was basically what I was doing. I would have been much more careful.

Is this water retention? A combo of water retention, bone/cartilage and muscle increase? Am I ****ed?

I've stopped all Alpha GPC supplementing. I wasn't sure if I should do that or just reduce dosage, which seems to be the case of body builders who only experience mild side effects.

Answer: Edema, carpel tunnel syndrome, and abnormal bone growth are possible side effects of the HGH injections but that usually only happens when someone is taking too much of the injections. I have not heard of anyone having these problems from taking Alpha GPC in the recommended dose.

May I ask you how much Alpha GPC you have been taking and how long you have been taking it?

If you have been taking mega doses you may have stressed your liver, so that may account for the change in color of the skin on your arm.

My recommendation would be for you to see your doctor about this and ask your doctor to check your IGF-1 level. This test will tell you whether your pituitary gland is releasing too much HGH. If so then that could explain the symptoms.

If your doctor doesn't want to check your IGF-1 level you can do the test yourself by ordering it online. I know canaryclub.org offers an IGF-1 home test for around $75.

Follow-up Question: I overdosed on Alpha GPC for about a week and a half. 2-3 grams a day about.

The pigmentation change is hardly noticeable, but the cartilage growth is obvious. The problem is the wrist to pinky knuckle. My pinky seems colder than the rest of my fingers. I'm guessing because of poor circulation due to increased pressure.

I suppose only time will tell if medical intervention is required? Is there anything I can do to reduce the amount of cartilage or bone?

And I'd like to use Alpha GPC for the nootropic effects. What do you think and suggest about this?

Thank you very much, I appreciate your help A LOT.

Follow-up Question: Sorry for double posting. The 5th metacarpal is the problem. A picture at Wikipedia leads me to think that my ligaments are being stretched. It feels that if I were to punch something, my pinky would be pushed to the side and out instead of being pushed down into the wrist.

There is the big problem bone, and the joints have to roll over each other, forcing the pinky to "pop" (not make a sound, but move quickly) once it is over the mound.

Another Wikipedia photo makes me think that scar tissue is developing, and causing the pinky to curl in!

Could this be Dupuytren's? Are there stretches or anything I can do to alleviate this before it sets in?

Follow-up Answer: As I understand it the symptoms with your pinky finger started all of a sudden, and since you only took the alpha GPC for a week and a half it would be unusual for it to be Dupuytren's contracture since it usually progresses slowly.

I must say that I am not a specialist in this area, I am a nurse, so I am only giving you my opinion. Please keep that in mind.

I really think you should stop the alpha GPC and see your doctor ASAP and have your liver function studies checked, since taking mega doses of supplements can overwork and even damage the liver. Also, as I stated before, I think it is a good idea to have your IGF-1 level checked so you will know if you now have too much HGH.

I am not aware of anything you can do yourself to reduce bone growth, but if the problem turns out to be only inflammation there are supplements and herbs that can be taken as well as medications.

There are also wonderful herbs that work to support and heal the liver if needed, although I must recommend you consult your doctor about what to take.

I am hoping there is no abnormal bone growth but only inflammation in the area and that everything turns out well for you.

Question: Will HGH help to heal my back?

Playing football for eight years and working as a firefighter for 15 has left me with a bad back. Will HGH help me heal, and get my back to where it used to be? Also if I chose to do synthetic HGH injections, will a six or seven week cycle have any negative lasting effects? Obviously injecting synthetic HGH is more effective than your spray, however is your spray a decent alternative?

Answer: Well, homeopathic HGH helped my neck and back injuries tremendously. If you didn't read about how it helped me you can read it here if interested: How Homeopathic HGH Help Me. I have never needed to take the injections and it has now been about 20 years since my injuries. For my human growth hormone therapy I only take HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2.

Regarding the injections, of course I cannot know for sure how your body would respond. However, if you were to be prescribed the injections by a qualified physician and you took a safe dose over a few weeks I wouldn't think it would cause any lasting negative effects.

Follow-up Question: The injectable HGH that I bought is Somatropin, the same HGH that you're selling. I'm assuming that they're both the same and that your's isn't any different?

Follow-up Answer: We use the same Somatropin to make our products but it goes through the homeopathic process. You will find more information about the difference and how homeopathics work at our main site. Here are the links:

Question: Is HGH safe and helpful for a paraplegic?

Hello, I'm 24 year old paraplegic. I became paraplegic @ 18. I've been under treatment for 3 years and now no medication. Due to lack of mobility and I've gained weight. I was an athelete and used to be 63 kg , 5"11 height. Now I'll be around 110 kg. I'm sick of seeing myself in this position. Though I can't do anything about my spinal cord injury, I can walk with crutches and do all upper body exercise by sitting. I'm planning to get a home gym and start doing workout. I'm also planning to get a swimming pool.

I can walk with crutches as I use my hip and move my legs. I can walk 200 meters every day. And I'll swim for 30-45 mins a day and do home gym and weight ligting with bars and dumbells and also bench press.

My best friend is a fitness trainer and has 6 years experience. He will guide me, and has a little bit of knowledge about HGH. He said he will try to contact a professional regarding this. So far we couldn't find one. There are bodybuilders he knows who took HGH, some said it's good and a few said it's risky for me and my heart as I'm paraplegic. I researched about HGH and saw no heart attack signs by using hgh.

I would appreciate if you guys would guide me regarding dosage UI/day and is it safe to take HGH as I'm paraplegic. I want a good physique.

Answer: I am a registered nurse so I must recommend you work with a good doctor if you are considering taking the HGH injections. I won't go into all the risk factors and side effects that may occur because you have probably already read about them in other places and here also. I will just say that the only safe way to take human growth hormone injections is to follow the advice of a doctor who specializes in HGH therapy.

The doctor will monitor your IGF-1 level to make sure you don't get too much. This is so very important because you are so young and you probably already have a good amount of HGH. In the case of young people taking the injections it is sort of like walking a tightrope because the aim should be to take just enough to provide healing but not enough to shut down the body's own production of growth hormone.

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