HGH Injections Questions and Answers

HGH Injections Q & A

Below are questions that were asked in our old forums. Since this information may be valuable to others we have transferred it here to our main site. All questions were answered by myself unless otherwise noted.

Lisa Wells,RN

Do I Inject HGH into a Vein?

Question: I am able to mix the vial properly and just have ONE more question. Do you need to inject it into a vein, and where on the body is the best place (or does it not matter)?

Answer: No, you should NEVER inject HGH into a vein! HGH injections are given SQ (subcutaneous). This is the fat between your skin and your muscle. The HGH injections are given the same way as insulin injections.

Regarding where to inject. The most common SQ areas used for people injecting themselves is the stomach area. You can also use your inner thigh, if the area has enough subcutaneous tissue.
If you have someone else who can give you the injection you can use the back of your upper arm, in the fatty tissue.

To give a SQ injection you need to pinch up your skin and inject into the fat tissue that you have pinched up. You should position the syringe at about a 35% angle so you get past the layers of skin and into the subcutaneous tissue, but not deep enough to enter muscle.

Once you insert the needle you first need to aspirate, (pull back a little on the plunger) to make sure you have not gone into a blood vessel or capillary. When you aspirate, if you do see blood come into the syringe you should pull out and not inject because you do not want to inject the HGH into your bloodstream.

Again, I must protest the way some web sites are selling vials of what they call HGH injections to people online, and then they don't even give them any instructions on how to give themselves the injection.

HGH injections should never be given intravenously, IV is the wrong route and so it could be dangerous, yet their customers who will be injecting themselves don't even know this.

Perhaps the people who are selling their vials online do not provide proper self injection instructions because they themselves don't know the proper way to give an injection. If not, then how can they be legally selling HGH injections?

Only physicians can prescribe HGH injections and I hate to think that physicians are writing prescriptions for the people who run these web sites so they can sell their vials to people who have no idea about how to reconstitute, figure out, or draw up the correct dosage, they don't know the proper route for the injections, and they don't even know how to inject themselves properly.

Something is very wrong with this picture and I can only hope that medical professionals are not involved.

I am sure that when the customers decide to purchase the injections online they expect to be given proper information and instructions about everything involved in self injection, but as you can see, that is not the case.

I can only say to those who read this thread, HGH injections should not be purchased online. If you wish to take growth hormone you should visit a qualified physician so you can be properly instructed on how to inject yourself.

My opinion is, if you purchase any controlled injectable medication from strangers online, and you cannot verify whether they are professionally and legally qualified to be prescribing and dispensing controlled injectable medications, and you cannot call them to obtain accurate instructions about how to take the medication you are purchasing, you are taking your life into your own hands.

I'm Not Getting Results at Five Weeks Taking HGH Injections!

Question: I'm taking 4 iu every other day, injections, and it's been almost five weeks and I'm not seeing any fat loss.

I am sleeping more deeply and have more energy but I'm discouraged that I'm not seeing any fat loss yet.

My joints are aching so I've cut back to every other day from daily. Any feedback or suggestions?

Answer: This is a question you should ask your doctor. I will say that growth hormone therapy is a process where the body decides where to use it first. Also, it's not been five weeks yet so you shouldn't expect too much, and by the fact that you are seeing joint aches your body is letting you know that you are giving it more than it can handle at one time.

Usually Somatropin is started at a very low dose and then is slowly titrated up in small increments over weeks as needed based on the patient's IGF-1 blood levels. I don't know whether a doctor ordered you the dose of 4 IU or if you are self-medicating, however, if you are taking the entire 4 IU at one time that may have something to do with the side effects you are seeing. Normally the pituitary gland will release very small amounts of growth hormone several times a day at the time it is needed. It does not release an entire day's worth or even a 12 hours worth at one time.

Is My HGH Fake?

Question: Alright so I have been around the hgh game for a while but I have a question about a product I recently purchased.

I got a 10 vials of injectable hgh that came in a white box. They all have the vacuum seal that is broken when I flip off the orange tops. Everything looks normal except for the fact that the white powder in the vials is loose. It usually comes in a white wafer looking powder. Is this ok?

When I mix the Bacteriostatic water with it, the powder dissolves almost immediately and it dissolves very clear in the way that it should. I am just wondering if this is normal for the powder to be loose? Is my hgh legit or could it be fake? Like I said everything is normal except for the fact that it's in a loose powder form instead of wafer/disc form.

Answer: I won't be able to tell you if the powder in your vials can be loose instead of being in wafer form and still be okay but if the color and consistency are the same they could be okay, but then again they could be fake. If you have used this brand in the past and they were always in wafer form, I would be concerned.

Where to Inject HGH

Question: I have noticed on a site they give two options of areas to inject. One being the fatty tissue under the skin and the other being into the muscle. What are the differences in these two types of injections and their benefits?

Answer: The usual recommended route for self administration of HGH injection is subcutaneous. With subcutaneous injections the medication is delivered into the adipose tissue under the skin.

Intramuscular injections need to be delivered deep into the muscle. In order to correctly give HGH injection intramuscular you would need a needle 1" to 1 1/2" long and the needle would need to enter the muscle at a 90 degree angle, and go deep into the muscle tissue.

One reason why the injections are usually given subcutaneously is because it is easier for a person to inject himself in the adipose tissue. It is harder for a person to correctly give himself an intramuscular injection deep enough to keep the area from becoming sore and bruised.

There is also less chance of problems arising from a subcutaneous injection than it is from an IM injection. When injecting deep into the muscle tissue there is more chance of the needle entering a blood vessel or hitting a nerve.

Homeopathic HGH Injections?

Homeopathic Somatropin 6X

Question: Hello, I hope you will give your advice on this. I'm currently 18 at 5'9" and my doctor said my growth plates haven't fused yet, I'm mainly looking to buy somatropin to increase my height and looking to do at most a six month cycle.

Also, I don't want to use too much of the hgh to avoid the side effects. I found a pharmaceutical that sells it as Somatropin 6x and its 120 cc. It comes in one large vial which seemed strange.

I have a few questions, am I still able to grow with this? Has anyone heard of this product before? Please give me advice on what you have because as of now I still don't know how to properly mix it either. Heres a pic of it --- Thank you!!

Answer: I have never heard of this product, but 6X is a homeopathic measurement so this is a homeopathic product. I can't see the top of the photo to tell whether it is an injectable vial but IF they are telling you to inject this then I would not buy it. There is no such thing as a legitimate injectable homeopathic HGH product.

Homeopathic human growth hormone doesn't need to be injected and injecting it wouldn't cause it to work better. Legitimate homeopathic products work very well when given sublingual (under the tongue).

Only the prescription Somatropin needs to be injected and it is only measured in either international units (IU) or milligrams (mg).

If you decide to look at legitimate FDA registered homeopathic HGH supplements check out the one at the link below. Besides containing somatropin and recombinant IGF-1 and IGF-2 it also contains velvet deer antler which is loaded with bone growth factors.

HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2

Follow-up question: I emailed the company and asked why its in one bottle and this is their exact reply--- Somatropin 6x has ethyl alcohol and nanobio spheres in it so it is already premixed and stable. I believe they want you to inject it because they are all giving syringes.

Follow-up answer: There is absolutely no reason to inject homeopathic HGH and that product should not be injected into the body as it contains ethyl alcohol.

Legitimate homeopathic supplements aim to give you the electromagnetic energies of the growth hormone and also help your body to make more of its own.

The 6X is the potency of the homeopathic formula. For more information about homeopathic HGH potencies click on the link.

Follow-up question: Thank you for the response. I asked them what the dosage should be since its one large bottle and this is what they said: All info will come with order. Take 2 cc two times per day, 120cc vial will last four weeks.

Here is the website link to their somatropin hgh, any info on this website would be appreciated, impossible to find reviews online.

Follow-up answer: I looked at the PHD site and their product is definitely not real HGH injections. They are trying to make people believe their product is the same as the injections so they can sell it for a larger price but it contains no more human growth hormone than homeopathic products. It is definitely not FDA approved and it may not have even been put through the extensive homeopathic process to make it effective, which would make it worthless.

I recommend you do not pay those people $400 for eight weeks worth and don't inject yourself with it.

Their product won't be any better than a good HGH spray at a fraction of the cost and it probably won't be as good. They don't have any clinical studies proving that their product can increase growth hormone in the body at all.

Please notice that they have only one page of information and it is just info about human growth hormone in general that can be found on any site.

Their site appears to be like the sites that sell fake steroids. They want people to think they are getting the real thing but all their products are just dietary supplements that do not require a prescription and can be bought over the counter.

They also don't offer any money back guarantee that I can see.

Some people think that only the injections are effective at increasing their growth hormone level but that is not true, however, if you are only wanting to take the injections the product from PHD is not it. Here is an article I wrote about this: Are the Injections the Only Effective HGH Therapy?

See our U.S. made FDA registered HGH supplements whose formula has undergone legitimate double-blind IGF-1 clinical trials to prove effectiveness.

Where and When to Inject HGH

Question: I'm a 73 year old man 6' 6" tall and weigh 225 lbs. Since I retired at 70, I took up the things I used to do when I was younger along with my wife - Weight Training. We've been going to the gym four days per week and pushing heavy weights (free weights, barbells and dumbbells mainly). Since I was about 67 my libido started to vanish and I got ED, but I put it down to age.

Over the first year, my strength and weights that I could push increased. Then it stopped. I noticed that I was gaining weight, but it was fat. I was always tired, getting weaker, not sleeping well. I suspected that I had low testosterone. I told my doctor and he sent blood off for analysis. When it came back he told me that my total testosterone was 484 and extremely good for a man of my age. I asked him what my FREE testosterone was, but he told me that they didn't do that test and refused flatly to do another.

I found a new doctor and demanded a FULL blood analysis. My free T was almost nil, my estradiol was almost nil and my SHBG was high and my cholesterol was slightly high. I was sent to an endocrinologist. He confirmed the results and told me that I really needed testosterone injections, but told me that he wasn't allowed to prescribe them as I "fell into a gray area" whatever that might mean. He also told me that my IGF-1 was "a bit low" as well.

I asked around and found a reliable source and did some research and bought testosterone cypionate and I've been injecting 50 mg twice per week (100 mg per week). I feel a lot better since I started this six weeks ago.

I found a reliable source of HGH and I'm about to start injecting 1 IU daily.

My question is: I read in a lot of places "don't inject HGH in the same place twice running". I'm not 100% sure what that means. I prefer to stick in my quadriceps. Can I alternate left and right and move the site up and down or what? Please enlighten me.

Answer: You should definitely rotate injection sites to prevent tissue atrophy. Usually HGH injections are given subcutaneous, not intramuscular, especially for long term use.

As a registered nurse I sometimes work with a top name brand somatropin manufacturer where I teach the patients how to use their HGH injection pens and this is what I teach.

Follow-up question: So in the subQ fat around the stomach, is the message I'm getting, just don't stick it in the same place every time. Correct?

Whilst I'm here, more questions.

My Total T was 484, but as far as I can understand, because my SHBG is high, my Free T is crazily low. Having started the Somatropin, should I continue with the testosterone injections at 100 mg / week, or should I reduce this and hope the HGH will sort out my hormones eventually?

What is the best time of day to inject. I'm guessing morning because if I inject it before I go to bed it will interfere with my natural production, which I gather happens during sleep.

Follow-up answer: Any place you have subcutaneous tissue is fine. The back of the arms and side of the upper legs is also good, and any place you can pinch the SubQ tissue.

Regarding your other questions, has your progesterone level been checked? IMO this is information any man who is going to take HRT should have checked. You said that your estradiol is very low. Even though men do not need as much as women they do need it, and so in my opinion these hormones need to be addressed. However, since your dose of testosterone has been increased, if the dose becomes too much for your body then some of it may be converted into estradiol, which in your case would be a good thing, but your level should be monitored to make sure that not too much is converted.

In my opinion, one problem with taking full hormone replacement therapies (like HGH and testosterone injections) is that taking a full day's dose of a hormone in either one or two daily doses is too much to take at one time, and so the body tries to adapt.

Normally the body releases only a small amount of these hormones as it needs them. It seems like the body doesn't like when so much of a hormone is introduced at one time. I think that is one reason why men who take testosterone HRT see too many hormone-binding globulins and also see their testosterone being converted into estrogen or broken down into DHT.

Of course I am not your doctor so I can only give you my opinion. I will say that if it were me and I had decided that being on a hormone replacement therapy of these two hormones was my best option I would speak with my doctor about dividing my doses into smaller and more frequent dose times.

Regarding your question about taking the HGH in the morning, if I were going to take a full day's dose of HGH injection all at once I would take it in the AM but that would not prevent my own body from decreasing its own production of growth hormone. Remember, hormone replacement therapies are usually meant to be given to patients who can no longer make their own hormones and so they will need to take them for life. Many doctors who prescribe the injections now prescribe it in two doses, one in AM and one in PM, so I would divide my daily dose into at least 2 dose times.

Are My Vials Real HGH?

Question: I just purchased 100 IU's of HGH. 10 vials. Came in a plain white box and plain vials with blue caps with a little arrow on the cap! My source told me the plain packaging is due to the Olympics and security clamping down. I was told it is Kigtropin. What are your thoughts of this?

Comment from another member: I would be leery of anything that does not have the manufacturer's label on it, but that's just me.


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