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Cholesterol and HGH

Human Growth Hormone Found To Lower Bad LDL Cholesterol
and Improve Good HDL Cholesterol!

Clinical studies have found that the amount of HGH (human growth hormone) in the body plays a role in keeping cholesterol levels healthy.

As age progresses HGH levels decline, and so the body's ability to stabilize cholesterol decreases.

Clinical Study

Patients with low HGH found to have high levels of LDL cholesterol.

In 1997 a study found that in normal adults, the more human growth hormone (HGH) they had, the higher their level of the good HDL cholesterol that sucks the unhealthy LDL from the walls of the arteries and carries it to the liver for disposal from the body.

Human growth hormone has been shown to increase the healthy HDL cholesterol and lower the dangerous LDL cholesterol thereby decreasing the risk of clogged arteries.

A study on heart disease done by Bengtsson of the University of Goteborg showed that the 333 patients he tested with severe human growth hormone deficiency had normal cholesterol levels, however, when he split the cholesterol between LDL and HDL cholesterol, the levels showed a different story.

These human growth hormone deficient patients had very high levels of the very harmful LDL cholesterol and very low levels of the good, protective HDL cholesterol.

Bengtsson concluded that this could help to explain the double increase in cardiovascular disease experienced by this group of patients.

After 6 months of HGH therapy these patient's LDL level was decreased and their HDL level was increased, which is the desired effect.

Normal Cholesterol Levels

Normal Triglyceride Levels

Fat in the Healthy Cardiac Diet

**If you found this page while looking for information about cholesterol you may not be familiar with HGH (human growth hormone).

HGH therapy is definitely one of the most exciting and promising therapies to become available in many years.

It has been featured on Oprah, Dateline, CNBC, and others. Celebrities have known about and used HGH for years.

Research proves that if we restore our human growth hormone to a younger and more healthy level we can reverse many of the effects of aging and improve our health and fitness, and this includes lowering cholesterol!

Lisa Wells, RN

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Decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol and increase HDL (good) cholesterol with HGH!


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